Slow progress scored in Nebreja murder case

Ariel Nebreja. Contributed Photo
Ariel Nebreja. Contributed Photo

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY ( Nov. 2011) – The slow pace of investigation to arrest the killer and his accomplice and that of the mastermind in the murder of Ariel Nebreja in Barangay Miluya, Castilla, Sorsogon may end up as yet in the cold case file of the Philippine National Police here.

This comes on the heels that after two weeks when the murder happened, the local PNP is still shut-out where to find the killer inspite of the cartographic sketch provided by witnesses.

Based on their memorandum of November 20, 2011 to the PNP provincial director, Castilla Police Chief Alfredo Nierva said that Nebreja was riding in a tricycle at around 4 o’clock pm on November 14 when two motorcycle riding men blocked the tricycle path and asked the driver if Nebreja is on board. The victim knowing that he has nothing to fear, alighted and approaching his assailant was shot and four fatal gunshot wounds from a Caliber .45 took him for good.

The death of Nebreja remains a puzzle to his family and friends. The 33 year old father of three was the elementary school principal in the interior barangay of Miluya after six years stint at Sta. Cruz in Casiguran town as a teacher.

He was an amiable person who earned the respect of his peers for his professionalism and personal commitment to better the lot of grade school pupils. Promoted this year to head the said school after passing the qualifying exam he was one of the youngest elementary principal in the roster of DepEd Sorsogon before his untimely demise.

A native of Camalig, Albay, his first teaching assignment was at Pigsalog Elementary School in Pilar town. Ariel as he is fondly called took his bride Liza when she was eighteen years and he at twenty one when they met at Bicol University College of Education. Principal Ariel desire to better his family entailed a lot of sacrifice for their 13 years of marital bliss.
Enrolled at Aemilianum College of Law, he dreamed big together with his wife who at the time of his death was taking the bar exam’s. They took turns supporting each other dreams. The college demands justice for him, Miluya Elementary School grieved for his death, his family crave a father who knows to make things possible for his family.

The Castilla PNP manhunt for the killer and its accomplice may end in a blank wall for until now no new leads were available. Records from DepEd Sorsogon may shed some light to the incident since prior to the murder the victim was conciliating a feud between a barangay councilman and a teacher of the school who is rumored to be in affinity with a local politician.

In Miluya, Castilla, Ariel journeyed for peace, conciliation and hope that he can be a transformative force, but, his vision was shattered because of the impunity of evil men.

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