Good governance curriculum in elementary, secondary schools pushed in Congress

Natitiyaga ang mga mag-aaral ng Melencio J. Larosa Elementary School sa mainit at masikap na garahe na ginawang classroom. Photo by
Garage classroom of Melencio J. Larosa Elementary School, Sorsogon City. File Photo

MANILA, Philippines – In light of the prosecution of former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Kabataan Party-list Rep. Raymond “Mong” Palatino filed in Congress HB 5417 or the Good Governance Education Act of 2011 which aims to educate the youth “on the ideals of public service [that] will encourage them to get involved in bettering public and civic affairs”

“The passage of this bill into law is made more urgent by the political happenings in the country. How can top officials like former President Arroyo wield power to the detriment of the people? Clearly, something is terribly wrong with our political system and educating the youth on the ideals of public service will encourage them to get involved in bettering public and civic affairs”

Palatino said by including in the basic education curriculum topics on good governance, ethics and accountability, the importance of efficient and moral leadership will be inculcated in the minds of the youth.

“Even at an early age, our youth should be empowered to engage their leaders and contribute to social development,” Palatino said.

House Bill 5417, once passed into law, will mandate the Department of Education (DepEd) to educate the elementary and high school students on good governance, ethics and accountability in public.

Under the said measure, DepEd shall integrate in the social science curriculum of primary and secondary school students, good governance topics including but not limited to Article XI of the 1987 Philippine Constitution-Accountability of Public Officers, RA 6713 or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees and RA 3019 or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

“In the long term, the bill seeks to create model citizens and a large reserve of public servants who, with the ideals of patriotism, justice, responsibility and integrity, are accountable to and are in service of the Filipino people,” Palatino said.

“As the State recognizes the vital role of the youth in nation building, educating the young about good governance, ethics and accountability in public service shall encourage their involvement in public and civic affairs,” Palatino added.


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