Bicolano wins marlboro car contest


By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

PILI. Camarines Sur – With strong will power, endurance, preseverance, and “hard work”, a Bicolano becomes a millionaire within 24 hours.

Allan Edaño, 30 years old, of Naga City won a brand-new Mini-Cooper car as the first prize offered by Marlboro cigarettes in a contest given during the Philippine Advertising Congress held on November 16-19, this year at the Provincial Capitol Complex, Pili, Camarines Sur.

The game offered by Marlboro was for contestants to touch and place their one arm on the car and the other arm raised high and they must not move for twenty-four (24) hours.

The contest started with 36 participants, and on the 15th hour, only three (3) contestants remained. With strong will power, suffering hunger pains and fatigue, Allan Edaño made the 24 hours pay-off.

Upon winning the European-made car worth 2.5 million pesos, Edaño received offers-to-buy for the amount of P2 million. He said he wants to sell the car this week and buy for himself a cheaper, second-hand car, worth about P300 thousand, and save the rest for future business.

Edaño is an office staffer working at the office of Vice-Governor Fortunato Peña in Camarines Sur. He said he will join again similar contest when asked by BicolToday,Com.

According to Marlboro contest organizers, the contest had been conducted previously in some areas in the country, but the participants had reached only the 20-hour mark, only Edaño made the 24-hour mark. There was no confirmation if the Marlboro contest was recorded at the Guiness Book of Records.


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