Actionable neglect


Marginal Note
Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.,

The period of the entrenched operation of a permit and licensing syndicate as alleged by East District Councilor Victorino Daria III in his presentation at the city council last Tuesday was an actionable neglect on the part of the City Administrator’s Office and it cascades to the Office of the City Mayor. Jose A. Pura, Jr., was chosen by the city mayor, putting his full confidence that the permits and licensing section will see a better day. Indeed it seen a better day, not in the eyes of the public though.

Why actionable neglect? The administrator can be said to have remiss in his duties to oversee the workforce, taking for granted MTOP issuance as mere ministerial. It could have been avoided if callousness did not become a culture in his workplace. I could’nt imagine that he do’nt know the existence of a city ordinance pegging the number of tricycle to ply the city streets.Nor is he concern about the plight of legitimate franchise holders?

When one fails to act judiciously to a simple administrative work, there is an actionable neglect on his part as public official or employee, thus becoming a part of the problem than become a solution to the existence of the problem. When an official or employee failed to act or willfully failed to act to stop the occurrence of an illegal act which he has knowledge, he is guilty of violating the code of conduct and ethical practice of government officials and employees. Where does the responsibility of the city administrator lies if one will ask.

Now, his office becomes suspect in the syndicated action of the licensing chief for most of the MTOP’s bear his signature which can be surmise that maybe he knows the game and Pura Jr. can be just a pawn among those who troops the 64 squares of city hall.That is worse. His hands now is full, contesting nasty rumors whose far higher than Pura, Jr. in the hierarchy of the syndicate. Questions as “to what extent is the knowledge” is now tucked in the public mind, making harder for him to evade the issue of telling the truth.Though they will not hide the truth, it is now assumed that he will exert undue influence to Pura,Jr. to sing in the open and forget his request for an executive session to satisfy the craving of the transport sector victimized by the scam.

Stricter requirements can be a solution to the system of issuing MTOP. The present one failed miserably.

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