Troops, communist rebels clash in Sorsogon

Contributed Photo
Contributed Photo

By Abigail Kwok,

MANILA, Philippines – Government troops clashed with alleged New People’s Army rebels in a remote village in Sorsogon Sunday morning, the Philippine Army said.

Colonel Felix Castro, commander of the Army’s 903rd Brigade based in Castilla town, said that the clash happened in Tinampo village of Bulusan town at around 7 a.m.

Castro said soldiers responded to complaints from residents that the suspects were allegedly harassing and extorting locals. A seven-man team from the Army responded to the site but was fired upon by around 10 suspects, triggering a gunfight.

After 10 minutes, the suspects fled. No casualties were reported. Troops recovered an M16 rifle, a Garand rifle, a cal. 45 pistol and improvised bombs.

Army chief Lt. Gen. Arturo Ortiz has directed all Army units to remain vigilant for possible NPA attacks during the long weekend and on All Saints’ Day.


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