City Councilor Daria challenged colleagues to rid corruption at city hall

Sorsogon City Councilor Victorino Daria. Contributed Photo
Sorsogon City Councilor Victorino Daria. Contributed Photo

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY – In his privilege speech Tuesday last, East District Councilor Victorino Daria III challenged his colleagues to rid the city government of Sorsogon of corruption. Using the issue of colorum operation of tricycles plying the city streets he was accusing and demanding appropriate sanctions to certain personalities involved in the grant of spurious franchise and was indignant that certain city hall employees are in cohorts with the transport sectors who openly opposed the on-going study to strengthen the proposed city traffic code which is schedule for second reading, though he failed to name names. Saying that his revelations are not conjectures and speculations, there was a concrete and substantial fact’s to the spurious practice that put to limit his chairmanship of the committees on transportation, public utilities and tricycle franchises.

The first termer campaign to rid the granting of tricycle franchises of corruption was timely since, legitimate operators were complaining of the presence of colorum units plying the city streets. The corrupt practice of granting to an operator a Motorized Tricycle Operating Permit (MTOP) without a city tricycle franchise for a fee of twenty thousand pesos and sometimes as high as 40,000 pesos that change hands among tricycle associations and unscrupulous city hall employees was another issue railed by him. His assumption that the master list of franchise holders does not reflect the total volume of tricycle conveyance in the city was a direct reference to the licensing unit inability to monitor the granting of legitimate franchises.

His privilege speech became an issue since critical collaboration existed at the fourth city council between political allies of the Vice-Mayor Rodrigueza and those of Mayor Dioneda protégées. The questions of corruptions are never discussed in its corridors much more at the session hall for orange and green are clearer now. With the call of Daria, a narrowing of understanding was established, that is how far corruption can be tolerated at Sorsogon City hall. It was seen as a small crack in the wall needing a plaster.

But the public needs a more transparent public governance at city hall for overzealousness they say, kills the intent of a public office as a public trust.

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