Mother with cancer trades life for baby

Stacie Crimm. Photo courtesty
Stacie Crimm. Photo courtesty

MANILA, Philippines (Oct. 20, 2011) — A 41-year-old mother has sacrificed her own life for her baby. Stacie Crimm, a resident of Oklahoma City, United States was diagnosed with head and neck cancer in July and succumbed to the disease early this week.

Faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to push through with the pregnancy and expose her unborn child to a potentially fatal course of chemotherapy, Crimm chose to put her own life on the line instead. This is a stark contrast from the picture being presented by some Reproductive Health (RH) bill proponents, who assert that maternal health issues logically warrant sacrificing the unborn child.

Crimm valued not only her own life but that of little Dottie Mae as well. Dottie Mae was forcibly delivered by C-section after doctors repeatedly tried to resuscitate the mother.

Crimm regained consciousness after giving birth and immediately asked for her baby. Nurses brought Dottie Mae to her in what was to be the first and last meeting of mother and child.

With the newborn placed on Crimm’s chest, mother and child gazed at each other for several minutes. No one said a word as the mother smiled at her little one.

Crimm died three days later. (CBCPNews)


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