Vice-Gov. Escudero raps board member Duran for absenteeism

Sorsogon Vice Governor Antonio 'Kruni' Escudero. Photo by
Sorsogon Vice Governor Antonio 'Kruni' Escudero. Photo by

By Felix’Boy’Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY – Short of ordering the bodily presence of Board Member Fernando David Duran III to attend the provincial board session, Vice-Governor Antonio Escudero, Jr., presiding officer castigated the ineptitude of Duran in a letter calling him the weakest link of the collegial body for his alarming frequency of unofficial absences from sessions and hearings of the board without expressed reasonable grounds.

The letter of October 12 came after the critical posting of urging disciplinary action to erring members of the body which the Vice-Governor as presiding officer acted to erase doubts on his leadership for time and again were abused by recalcitrant members, among them, Fernando David Duran III.

The vice-governor expressing disgust for Duran III failed to be observant of the ethical doctrine of equal work for equal pay, reminding him that he is receiving 55,200 pesos monthly salary and allowance which should be reciprocated with dedication to perform legislative function.

Vice-Governor Escudero, Jr, further said that Duran is either intentionally or if not unwillingly out to defy with impunity a rule that mandates a member of the board to attend collegial sessions and committee hearings regularly.

He further added that Duran’s degree of propensity to disregards sessions and hearings, he was hinting to all and sundry, including the birds and the bees that the Vice-Governor don’t have the authority, nerve and moral ascendancy to let Member Duran toe the line.

Such that the Vice-Governor is almost out of his ropes with Member Duran that his civility is coated with sarcasm in reminding Duran that it is but his obligation and mandate to preserve and protect the efficacy and honor of the provincial legislative body over which its members are beholden to the public to whom they are under “legal and moral obligation to faithfully and efficiently serve.”

This swiping of vice-governor Escudero, Jr. signals that the rule of law should be the order of the board and no one should abuse the little leeway accorded to members of the body for the collegial image and responsibility should always be paramount as public officials.

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