Is Kasanggayahan 2011 politicized?

Early politicking? Faces of Sorsogon officials are bigger than Kasanggayahan 2011 activities. Going beyond? Photo by
Sorsogon officials hugs Kasanggayahan 2011. Going beyond? Photo by

Marginal Note
Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.,

I cannot help but asked this question, “ Is Kasanggayahan 2011 politicized?” But let us not quarrel with this question, healthy discussions are trendy both in coffee shops and in boardrooms. Civility is a culture for intellect and brashness that of un-educated.

I salute the planners of the event for majority of them shared so much energy what others failed to do. Laboring from scratch, they pulled the rug from under to make this event a rarity. Indeed a rarity for it now carries a political statement that muddles the definition of Fr. Ofracio of Kasanggayahan. Reading the list of activities and events, what caught my attention are the events for cocker’s derby, that of the shootfest and of course the early display of our honorable and ever humble public official photos in clearer print and bigger size than the billboard of events which are unreadable. Are these productive to our poor Juan who for years been looking beyond their poverty, where they think about by the planners of the events or was it appeasement to impress to all that in our province the politicos are united in riding free with the people’s money in terms of public exposures?

What can the majority of Sorsoganons gain from the cocker’s derby, impressive for thereat, money are tossed like papers, thousands changed hands in minutes, after the event what’s there for the poor among us? This event was a good idea only for cockpit aficionados for it is gambling in simplest form. If Fr. Ofracio is alive today, he will be kneeling praying for your atonement for you distorted and abused the essence of Kasanggayahan. You may say differently.

Ready, aim, fire. Here we go, shootfest for the elite, the moneyed, the principled lot of society. No question for it fits them. It likewise fits those who are employed in the government service are pulled-out from their work station to oversee the event oftentimes acting as if he is immune with the civil service rules. Question, is it beneficial to all concerned as Rotarians may asked, was it fair to everyone in the Land of Kasanggayahan, you make us laughed and cowered more for it betrays impartiality of influence.

Where is now going beyond, where are we heading, what direction are you taking us my honorable and humble public officials. It was a united approval knowing that free ride is not risky as planking, that no need to explain why the extra expenses plastering your face as if you are an event, maybe an event, an intolerable though. Did anyone among you smirked upon knowing that people’s money are wasted because of your distorted interpretation of public spending, did one among you realized that you took the same route in your respective local units and again too eager and happy to repeat the same in the formulated activities of Kasanggayahan? Bane to your face, boon to us, the Juan’s and Maria’s of Sorsogon.

How about the time capsule for development, does anyone still remember it, are the collated vision and mission of the 14 towns and the city cared for when the planning for Kasanggayahan 2011 started. Is this all hypes and glory to your name rather than an event that centered on the real character of the people of Sorsogon? It’s disheartening discussing this piece as a true blooded Sorsoganon, for the ills will continue if we will not rectify our wrongs this early. I still salute you people, as we say, everybody commits mistakes, but ouch, not as glaring as this.

Happy Kasanggayahan.


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