Board Member Frivaldo irks colleagues but also chided

(Third from left) Board Member Vladimir Frivaldo. Photo by
(From left) Board Members Angel Escandor, Boytee Doma and Vladimir Frivaldo. PHOTO BY ANGEL AYALA/

SORSOGON CITY (Sept. 6, 2011) – After delivering his privilege speech yesterday asserting that the majority members of the Sangguninag Panlalawigan of Sorsogon are, lapdogs, bootlickers, rubber stamps, lame ducks and railroaders of Governor Raul Lee, senior member Angel Escandor took exemption to the allegation that the issues raised were rehashed that sags the spirit of collegial responsibility of the provincial board.

In retort, Escandor, painted a picture of Frivaldo as the only member who espoused clean government, that his heart is for the people of the province and the rest of the members are devil incarnates.

Pointing that decisions of the body must be respected as they respect whatever opposing views Frivaldo may air, the rebuking tirade emphasized that as allies of the governor doesn’t mean that they are insensible to good government. This time the chamber was tense and emotional.

In his speech, Board Member Frivaldo opened the Pandora box of corruption of the administration of the Lee’s couple, taking the issue of the 260 million peso loan of 2008 for a special fund audit with his letter request to the Commission on Audit, believing that the present Sanggunian will not heed his call to investigate the expenditures of the loan.

His revelation will again ignite the animosity of the governor with BM Frivaldo since their families are political enemies. The patricah of the Frivaldo’s, “Tata Owan” twice humbled Raul Lee for governorship.

When queried, BM Frivaldo said that it was not he who collared the words lapdogs, railroaders, boot lickers, lame ducks or railroaders but comments in his social network sites by people who denounced the cavalier attitude of the majority members of the Sanggunian oftentimes passing in haste favorable resolutions beneficial to the personal interest of Lee.

Joining the fray was BM Boytee Doma, reminding the lone opposition that the picture his painting is not respectful to the Sanggunian, the presiding chair included, for all are respectable politicians who have names to protect. Doma extemporaneous discourse chided BM Frivaldo for his onerous remark never heard before in the august body.

The former local executive reminded his colleague that though they have the right to be heard it must be in a proper decorum. Also taking the issue was BM Bernard Hao, an ex-officio member , defending his chairmanship of the committee on budget and appropriation which Frivaldo demanded that he relinquish the committee since the internal rules of the Sanggunian did not approved nor allow an ex-officio member to participate or be voted in the various committees of the sangguninan, since such all matters in committee members should be governed by the house internal rules. This was seen by Frivaldo as a brash tactics of the majority. Hao was not able to put an end to the issue, however.

What is lacking is the tackling of the points raised by BM Frivaldo in his privlege, particular the removal of the funding source for personnel staff from the Sanggunian Panlalawigan which was transferred to the office of the governor leaving BM Frivaldo as the only member of the body without a staff.

Frivaldo’s proposal to restore the 240 pesos per day rate of contractual employees was in deaf ears, this he said must be attended by the majority members since budget preparation for 2012 is on-going, telling everyone that the province is the lowest paying second class province in the country for their contractual employees now pegged at `185 per day.

The tussle carried sentiments among allies in the chamber either to impose sanction to BM Frivaldo because of his insinuations and insulting diatribes if it is within the purview of the internal rules of the Sanggunian. (Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr./

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