Sorsogon Ex-Congressman house gutted by fire

Blazing Afternoon. Sorsogon City fire officers quick reaction contains fire after an hour.PHOTO BY ANGEL AYALA/
Sorsogon City fire officers battles spread of blaze to nearby structures together with fire volunteers. PHOTO BY ANGEL AYALA/

SORSOGON CITY (Sept. 1, 2011) – The house of former Sorsogon Congressman Rafael Aquino was gutted by fire which started at the ceiling in the eastern part of the residence at around 1:00 this afternoon. The two storey structure was of wooden materials spreading the fire in most of its part.Responding firemen was at the scene ten minutes after it was reported being a block away from the burning residence.

In a media briefing City Fire Chief Marcial reported that damaged was estimated close to a hundred thousand and the cost may rise. So far no injuries was reported and confirmed that it is being use by the construction personnel of a local department store who has bought the building from the previous owner.

Provincial fire chief Rejano and city fire chief Renato Marcial briefing with media after they declared a fireout. PHOTO BY ANGEL AYALA/

He added that the scarcity of firefighting equipment added to their woes since they could not totally penetrate areas to tack-out the blaze. Inspite of their lack of fire protective gear, they were able to contain the possible spread of the blaze to nearby structures.

The fire wall of the adjacent buildings likewise helped prevent the spread of the fire, Marcial added. The possible fault in electrical connection is being look at by the investigating fire personnel since information revealed by maintenance personnel of SORECO 2 confirmed that the structure has no electrical connection for a long time. This is one of the angles which the fire office will determine for there might be an illegal electrical connection in the former residence of Congressman Aquino.

Blazing Afternoon. Sorsogon City fire officers quick reaction contains fire after an hour.PHOTO BY ANGEL AYALA/

At the scene, fire volunteers of the Fil-Chinese Fire Volunteer Brigade took their task in containing the spread of the blaze in the north wing of the structure. Responding fire trucks from the city sub-fire station in Barangay Abuyog, tackled the main blaze while the component from the Municipality of Gubat attended to the western part of the residence which was why the structure was not totally gutted, while fire engine number 02 of the city fire station became the water re-supply truck.

More than an hour after it started, it was declared fire-out at 2:09pm by the city fire chief. (Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr./

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