Kasanggayahan Festival 2011 in high gear

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Provincial brass bats for succesful Kasanggayahan Festival 2011. From left, Sorsogon Governor Raul Lee, KFI president Fr. Francisco Monje, SKI president Michael Sulit, former governor Sally Lee and Sorsogon City Mayor Leovic Dioneda. PHOTO BY ANGEL AYALA/BicolToday.com

SORSOGON CITY – Going Beyond: Public-Private Partnership Towards Sustainable Development was the theme adapted by the organizing committee for the 2011 Kasanggayahan Festival of Sorsogon Province, to commence on October 1 until the end of the month.

It was chosen as a reminder to all stakeholders to play a positive role in the development of Sorsogon transcending the stages for critical collaboration by the public and the private sectors. As summed up by the chairman of Kasanggayahan Foundation Inc. (KFI), Fr. Francisco Monje, it must be a reminder for everyone that we must go further from what we have achieved so far.

Hosting this year festivities is the Sorsoganon Kita, Inc., a group bonded by their belief that the province has a lot to offer and can always be better. Their tasked together with their cooperating partners of LGU’s , national agencies, ngo’s , is to make the affair contiguous to the plans and programs of the province of Sorsogon in areas of livelihood, education, culture and arts, tourism and many more which are seen as medium for progress.

During the presentation of the activities, the committee chair, solicited opinions which can define the essence of Kasanggayahan not purely as a cultural heritage affair, but be imbued by the spirit of oneness among Sorsoganons.

In a sidelight talk, Gov. Raul Lee, reminded everyone that all must have a stake in this activity for it is not only for us today to enjoy but for the coming generations to emulate and surpass what we have achieved so far.

The presence of the local executives signaled that this year affair will have a clearer intention to present the potentials of Sorsogon as a province outside of the regional map. This time they intend to have a collegial participation, short of class act, the host implied.

Kasanggayahan, meaning abundance, will showcase the limitless potential of the province, defining the Sorsoganon’s character, is seen as a roadmap to progress and calculated to be a journey of history, a guiding idea onward to achieve the vision for a better life. (Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr./BicolToday.com)

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