Mayor cancels business permit of water supplier in Legazpi


LEGAZPI CITY – Mayor Geraldine B. Rosal of this city revoked the mayors permit issued to Philippine Hydro, Inc. (Phil Hydro), the bulk water supplier of the Legazpi City Water District (LCWD), for its failure to secure an Operational Permit from the Department of Health (DOH) in violation of the provisions of Presidential Decree 856 otherwise known as the Sanitation Code of the Philippines.

Mayor Rosal issued the revocation order per request of the Dr. Nestor F. Santiago, DOH Bicol regional director, in his August 19, 2011 letter requesting the mayor for the suspension or revocation of the business permit of Phil Hydro for violation Section 3.2 of the Supplemental Rules and Regulations of Chapter II “Water Supply” of Presidential Decree 856 for its failure to secure an Initial and Operational permit when it started construction and operations of its Bulk water supply to LCWD starting in 2006.

Phil Hydro was earlier given 60 days by the city government to secure the required permits but after the period expired last August 21, 2011, the company again was seeking another six months to comply which was turned down by the DOH regional office and recommended instead the revocation of the business permit of Phil Hydro.

City Administrator Noel Rosal said that they were constrained to follow the recommendation of the DOH considering that potable water supply is very important to every Legazpeno and that a series of test made by a multi sectoral group headed by the city health officer showed that water being supplied by Phil Hydro did not pass the test of potability.

Legazpi city residents have been complaining about the poor quality of water being delivered by Phil Hydro to LCWD consumers contrary to their earlier promo during the construction of their water treatment plant at Barangay Bogtong this city in 2006 that the water they will extract from the Yawa River will be processed to meet the potability standards of Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water.

Because of this failure, Legazpi residents have been urging the city government to look into the deteriorating quality of water being supplied by Phil Hydro.

After a series of Committee hearings conducted by the City Council chaired by Councilor Rolly Rosal, the committee recommended the revocation of the Mayors Permit issued to Phil Hydro after finding that aside from the poor quality of water they did not have the required permit from the DOH as pointed out by Engr. William Sabater, Sanitary Engineer of DOH regional office. (Ed de Leon)


  1. I assume if it is revoke it will stop operation. Legazpeno is now deprived of Water supply. Is this good for the economy of Legazpi? I hope Mayor has alternative plan to supply the lost water. I hope they have a win-win solution.

  2. I’m just curious about what will happen to Legazpi Water? Will they still continue the contract with the contractor? and will the current system enough to supply the entire Lagazpi area?


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