Power brokers


Marginal Note
By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr. [BicolToday.com]

Sometimes men of different persuasions agree on a common agenda. Their agreement can be compartmental which treated an issue half-way to its resolution. It can be an agreement of greed divisible by millions of kickbacks slicing deep on the local treasury or the fear of losing a position of influence hence an agreement. The other criteria, how to value the peso spent vis the impact of the expenditure on the area. This is sensible agreement.

In the nook and cranny of the political power, brokers of dubious character walk the corridor expecting and keenly awaiting a flip of the coin to signal a deal. They have their own masters and are layered accordingly to what they should be involved. Among them is the honcho of sort that even career persons feared to cross their path. He is the most envied among the dubious characters walking in the corridors of power. In this market place, ideas are sold for millions, action men received fat commissions after brokering a deal, project cost are jack-up to upend the inside expenses diluting the expendable amount to the project. Review action are less significant, signatures are easily ink knowing that bank accounts were fatten. Trends made to good use by the solicitous mind of power brokers.

If you are envious, don’t, they are the most maligned, ridiculed, despised and ended up without real friends. They are seasonal, yet it’s year round. They are men of interesting character, bragging, creating, destroying and dividing a turf. They have their own history which is the same as their masters. Come high and low water, they are the loyal servants of their masters. They were recruited not for their intellect but for their guts to create a front of deception, for their ability to command, for their rueful behavior to clean the mess. They have their minions to clean the dirty lanes, have influenced people beyond their borders. Gone are the days when service is not a business and when serving is an enjoyable and satisfying affair.

Who are the local power brokers who mightily walk the corridor of power? How many are their minions who cowed the butt of career men in the service? And how many career men succumbed to the temptation and become lapdogs of the power brokers?

When one commands without any paper to show his authority, he is a power broker in a right connection, when a nobody presume that he is somebody who asserted his own way, he is a minion of the power broker doing the dirty linen, and the career men who facilitate everything are the toy soldiers of the power broker. Those second tiers are egging an oily spill hoping that in the future they become part of the inner circle. It is no longer a character that defines who one becomes, but the craving of power and lust for influence matters. It becomes easy to rake in millions when one passes the needle hole of corruption as they say. These people are stylish. They have what it takes to control. They are the crowd. They are the big shots.

It is an excuse to them to know the meaning of prejudice, truth, rules, bounds of law and other similar words, but they know the meaning of cheating, undercutting, deception, lies, stealing, amassing and similar words, for it is a constant reminder that power brokers must maintain a status of influence non-compare. Don’t blame them at all, they have their own master to please. Pleasing their master is survival itself.

Can you live with that?



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