Political fire ignited


Marginal Note
By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr. [BicolToday.com]

The approval of HB 4820 authored by 3rd District Representative Arnulfo Fuentebella ignited the political fire in the Province of Camarines Sur at this early. Supported by Representative Luis Villafuerte, Dato Arroyo, and Rolando Andaya, the measure will fit the political clout of Governor L-Ray Villafuerte in the province.The none vote was cast by Representative Salvio Fortuno of the fifth district. In this scenario, the elephant fights and for sure the ants will get hurt.

As a starter, the seat of provincial power will be a big question mark for the governor is eyeing his son to take back the soon to be vacated provincial chair by 2013, his father, who cant see eye to eye with the governeor in political style may put his hat in the provincial contest which may fit him against his grandson, or any other player may come-in to further muddle the issue and give the people of the province a fresh start in local governance. On the Nueva Camarines, if ever it passes the senate and plesbicite, Fuentebella has clearly shown his interest when he gerrymandered the division of the house of Camarines Sur. The quid pro quo formula is not applicabloe at this early for L-Ray was badly hurt by the collosal move taking out fourteen towns and one city as the new geographic province of the region.

The interest if we are to set aside politics is the Partido Development Authboirty which was created to lead the development of the coastal municipalities subject of the division of the province. The mandate of the seventeen year old law covers the development of the Partido area now subject of the political tug of war. Its independency might be imperil for the possibility that the new province if ever created will dip its hands in the pocket of the Partido Development Authority for it has already rooted the upsurged of the economic veins of the area.

According to the Philippines Standard Geographic Code. the towns of Balatan, Garchitorena, Presentacion, Sagñay, San Jose and Siruma are fourth cl;ass municipalities, Baao and Tigaon are third class, that of Bula, Caramoan, Goa, and Lagonoy are second class, while Tinambac is firts class. The City of Iriga is listed as fourth class. This will comprise Nueva Camarines, all partially urban in terms of income classification. It may follow then, that the new province will be in a dire strait to give quality service to its people.

Arguments from the proponent pointed that it is the best interest of the people if the proivince is partitiuoned for the present government is hard pressed to served the interest of the thrity three towns and two cities. The other said that it was pure politics and balooney



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