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GMA with Ampatuans. Photo courtesy
GMA with Ampatuans. Photo courtesy

Marginal Note
By Felix’Boy’Espineda, Jr. []

The continuing saga of corruption is again unfolding with the graft cases filed against ex-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. No matter how she hides in the cloth of motions to delay proceedings, the public did render their verdict that she orchestrated the deep seated corruption while she lorded at Malacañan. The only escape available is to delay every proceeding so that she can have the prettiest of smiles amongst the other evil incarnates of her camp. She harnessed the obedience of her wards by denying in high heavens that it did not happen during their watch.

It is a pitiful  sight for a former president of the republic being summoned to answer corruption charges against her though naturally debunking the accusation for the name of the family before unsullied suddenly exposed as greedy and but the same with the former tenant of the palace. She is now in a tight wad not by principle of honesty as a public servant but for time is closing fast on her and her cohorts. The ploy that she wants to be in the political sphere after her palace sojourn makes her more vulnerable to ridicule which she is now trying to hide by face lifting her image as a stoical woman of our political history. Gloria Arroyo is in a quagmire for their fool proof greediness suddenly thawed by the searing heat of public clamor wanting a clean-up with the way public servants handle public funds were spread like dried fish in the market place of public opinion. Either acquitted or not, she might be listed in the rolls of world leaders past and present as small but greedily terrible.

To erase the stigma, she hired people of stature to speak for her, to parry every brick thrown against her, call-up her vaunted supporters to rescue who are still in high positions in the government and execute a political plan that supplant whatever gains the present administration have.

Ploy of desperation is evident for documents don’t lie, it tells no tale, marginal or otherwise. Documents points to her as an originator of the scheme, but, would anyone believed that the other members of her household, her immediate family not involved in the symphonic rape of the Philippine treasury? Could the petite lady have the appetite of greediness, out there is someone close who lock the scheme to amass wealth in a subtle way that fattens everyone’s purse believing perhaps that no one will turn back the tide against them or even the belief that they have everyone in the right place to iron out whatever imprint they left behind. Madam, you are mistaken for whilst your amassing wealth you likewise gave your enemies the weapons to slew you after your term expires. Now face the music as they say.

The dilemma of Gloria Arroyo is not in the House of Representatives, but in the house of the Macapagal–Arroyos for they have sleepless nights mastering the defense of logical persuasions, cajoling people of influence to see things the way they want it, but, may have found out that only very few are willing to put their name on-line to take off the heat from her and of her family. Pity for her for penance is not forthcoming, the storm is not even in her territory, yet mountains are sliced to cover the dirt of infidelity while then keepers of public trust. Her son, Congressman Mikey and wife are facing tax evasion cases because of undeclared assets is another damaging insult to the family, she is still haunted by the cheating of the 2004 presidential election, the hello Garci scandal, the ZTE-NBN broadband deal, her husband alleged meddling in the palace brokering multi-million commissions is a sour note as well, the griping of the catholic bishops finding how she manipulated some of their brothers in religion is a sting for contempt. The ARMM fund mess is another, the fertilizer fund scam are but few of her favorite sins.

If one pursues Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, it will be a pursuit of stinking corruption and blatant disregards of public norms. Quarter and a half from now, other things will surface for the fish will never be off the hook now that people in the know are coming out to spill the best coffee beans of the Macapagal-Arroyos. Good for us citizens, a heavy load for Macapagal-Arroyos family for no one imagined that a petite president has a terrible mind of her own. Not even the pious of the prelates had seen it for it was too late for them to realize that they were used as armor against public opinion in the most controversial way imaginable. See that?

The double face attitude of ex-President Gloria Arroyo is a good study for she has the gall to hang tough and have the emotions to act dramatically in-front of national cameras telling everyone “I’m sorry”, well, will she apologize now and explain to us the questions rated so highly in the media? That is: Is she corrupt or not? I have my answer, so just be silent Madam.


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