What now my dear bishops?

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By Felix ‘Boy’Espineda, Jr.

The stinging blow received by the “Pajero 7” bishops was watermarked as they are as human as we are. But in the confluence of events, they have to endure the agony of the garden. Though it is water under the bridge for the hierarchy of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines issued an apology, it is still a devastating revelation that even the most pious are political people.

The normal life of our prelates were exposed, that  they may forget their vows for there is more of the material world which they want to enjoy just like us. It is an open secret even before the fiasco that there are resources of the church which are not accounted for reasons only known to them. There are cases of church landholdings converted into subdivisions registered and managed by foundations where the officers are the close relatives of the bishop and he acting as its chief executive officer. This is a simple case of intentional lapse of  judgment that in simplicity is greediness. See, they have their frailties.

The enlightenment of the flock tops their agenda for some are disgusted knowing that their reverend bishop is a benefactor of wealth which he won’t admit unless exposed. For an act of atonement and admission does not lessen the guilt but only temporarily closes the pain of a diocese for guilt itself wrecks the character. No matter how they see themselves after the fact is not new anymore for lapse in judgment as told in open court is the most logical admission of guilt without an admission of wrong. The crafting of statement is to slip out of ridicule leaving no clear cut explanation as why.

So may I asked, what now my bishop? Are we in again for another saga of the robes, can we see each other eye to eye while you are in the pulpit and we at the pew?

There are many rooms for all of us to help in this issue, but, the issue of propriety must be resolve by our prelates, for if by themselves they exhibits inappropriate behavior then rectification is far from coming. The posturing of some lay groups soliciting donations for the “Pajero 7” maybe late in coming for they could have done it sans the issue, particularly that there are those associated with the group who are politically motivated or just wanting to tag along. May it not be the case. The parish is waiting for a concrete statement from their bishop taking the sensitivity of the issue that needs a closure. BicolToday.com



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