Bicol militants hold protest on Fil-Am friendship day

Cause-oriented groups hold protest on Philippine-American friendship day. Photo courtesy Karatula
Cause-oriented groups hold protest on Filipino-American friendship day. Photo courtesy Karatula

LEGAZPI CITY – In commemoration of the Filipino-American Friendship Day yesterday, the Bicolano militants re-assert its call to push for an independent foreign policy and not to allow the further intervention of the imperialist United States of America in the internal issues of the Philippines in the name of friendship.

“The Philippines has taken US as its long time ally; however it should not allow the US to undermine its freedom by permitting Americans to interfere with the internal issues of the nation. Our government should be keen enough to discern the deceptions of the US camouflaged underneath agreements seemingly advantageous to the Philippines such as the Visiting Forces Agreement, Mutual Defense Treaty, and many others,” declared Tessa Lopez, Bayan-Bikol spokesperson.

After sixty years of the Mutual Defense Treaty, several decades of US military bases and 12 years of the Visiting Forces Agreement, our AFP has not modernized. We were promised the same in exchange for approving all these one-sided agreements and yet here is the PNoy’s administration encouraging US to intervene on Spratly’s issues through Mutual Defense Treaty.

“If PNoy is truly a freedom-loving Filipino he would push for the scrapping of VFA and will not allow the US to intervene on Spratly’s dispute and will adopt independent foreign policy to protect our country from any foreign intervention instead, added Lopez”.

“Let us not allow the deceptions of US to continue. We are calling on all freedom-loving Filipinos to resist US intervention and aggression. The real and long-lasting friendship that the Filipino people can forge with the American people is a common fight against U.S. strategic politico-military, economic agenda against the peoples of the world”, ended Lopez.


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