Days gone mad in public service


By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

When the dogs stop barking and the larks stop humming, then, silence besotted our land. This is the time that sanity returns in public governance. It’s been rustic history that we enjoyed the time honored culture that a public office is a public trust. Lapdogs and whimsical larks joining forces nailed the closure of public trust, the comparison is as dark as the medieval ages where fiefdoms are ruled by prince and kings aided by notorious court jesters.

Pronouncements flew where one may believe that all are rosy in terms of public governance to be contradicted by large scale corruption authored by the thieves themselves. Under delivery, over pricing, mockery of bidding rules is fair game for the order is to hit hard where the money is. Taking the cue, even the lowest rank sullied his hand for survival means stealing whatever there is to steal. It gives more credence to steal than to bury ones butt in a sweltering heat of public service now viewed by many as but an afterthought.

Regulators stifle their necks to avoid seeing the carnage and thievery for they solicit oftentimes from the illustrious thieves. Check and balance formula is illusionary never to become an adaptable reality for it pricks a hole in their pockets. Imagine going to their comfort zone with a hole in their pockets while the gangs have bulging stomachs? Who cares, except conform and never to disagree for the largesse is as bulky as duffle bags. Who are left to oversee public governance as needed?

Comes now, underlings of good reputation, un-corruptible and sincere officials sacrificing a hungry stomach to deliver the much needed public service, They are ridiculed for meals are but rice and fish while the arrogant flaunt theirs. They chew their food bits by bits opposite the opportunist that splutter their plates with seasonings. The least sacred but the most dedicated, nor gossipers to the power that be, instead they trust the higher one for their promotions. They have recited a glossary of novenas just to notch a grade higher, but alas, a lapdog came barking taking the whole bone to himself. Then he run laughing, tail wagging, saliva drooling, barking incessantly, you idiot.

This is the state of public governance, where one is relegated or promoted not on his work habit, performance output as evaluated but rather you know him better than the rest. Indeed, days gone mad for public service.

Frailties and human nature can be an excuse for deliverance or can be a curse for generations. Take that from the savage who cultivated not their lands but their neighbor, is common to a court jester. They can spell madness, arrogance, deprivation, acrimony but immune to conscience for they lack it. They were raised to scuttle the ship of public service in honor of greediness, along becoming the horror of society. Yet they glow even in the darkest hour assuming the role of forever a savior. Indeed days gone mad for public service.

Unimaginable ways to steal and pry open the treasury is easy for they have the combinations. From programmers, policy planners down to the last jester on the line perfected the assigned roles. Never mind the ticking of the clock for they don’t believe in deliverance. Dark days gone mad for public service.

Talk about how foolish fools are, the prince, the king and the overzealous court jester are seen not as humans but a bunch of thieves that even the crocodiles would not dare cross.



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