Watch out for the political patrons


By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

There are many suggestions on how one transformed an institution. Taking the cue from the brainy of the academe to the wise guys, all can be said that it depends on the people manning the institution for its transformation. What about now?

The brainy offers voluminous settings, tested from one agency after another agency, detailing how it works and its functionality even to the laziest of the lot, but, the failure is not borne by inadequate studies, it is, in-culture to the attitude of the person. No wonder, waste of resources litters the government for many are half-hearted servants and can be said as non-functional appointees and sometimes classified as morons. Where is the blame? Of course it is in the appointing authority, who readily signed without evaluation, the criteria is always political patronage. This one holds true in local politics, for by July this year, losing political allies will be grazing the pastureland of power. They will succumb to arrogance and over zealousness, jockeying a project or two, inserting their own people and forgetting the value of public service. They are the last of the sleeping warriors to enter the corridors of power and they are also the fiercest of the lot, for time is running out for them to regain lost grounds.

Other says that there is nothing wrong in appointing the losers after the prohibition set by law, for they deserved the loyalty award given to the most obedient servant of a political kingpin, or maybe they are the best mind to exercise, implement and re-tool public governance. Maybe this can be true if our time was not corrupted by the word corruption. Either norm, they are pre-judged for the people had seen a lot from them.

The poor Juan will be carrying a new load, stifled in his desire to be served by honest public servant, their taxes will be wasted, they will be short-changed and worst, they will be fooled thrice his lifetime. While the coming appointees will swim in poor Juan’s fund, neither they will be apologetic, remorseful or concerning to poor Juan. Pity the poor for they are fools to be fooled, hurray to the powerful for they will continue to squander.

However, let’s not close the lid, for perhaps one or two can be a servant among the public servants, they maybe the precursor of new beginnings, ideas, innovations, influence which may alter the programs and direction of development, but the question is, will they be allowed to shine, take the lead? In the midst of the political squabble, very few survive, political funfare is very limited, have to produce to earn more. By what you produce it boils down to your character, either you become inutile, very powerful and rich or a shameless shadow. If there are factors of fear, they won’t let us see it, for they have a double mask, one for his patron and the other, for his soul, if he has one after all.

Now, the time for reckoning is near, by July, he, she and even you can be the man on top, just think about poor Juan, and make a difference, it is rewarding and fulfilling, more glamorous than the portrait of abuse and ridicule. Be one of the transformative political patrons, make a difference, for good.



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