SNHS offers open secondary school program

Sorsogon National High School offers open secondary school program. Photo by
Sorsogon National High School offers open secondary school program. Photo by

SORSOGON CITY – Sorsogon National High School (SNHS) is offering the Open High School Program (OHSP) that will allow students who graduated from the elementary and who were not given the chance to proceed and finish secondary education due to some reasons or circumstances.

“The new learning program is very different from the Alternative Learning System (ALS) since this will be more of a structured learning program and students will be in a modular system, home-based but is also more patterned on the basic education scheme or principles “, Dr. Blanca Rempillo, principal of the SNHS explained during the interview in the radio program, Sararo Sarabay this morning.

SNHS is inviting students who graduated from the elementary and who would like to finish their secondary level education but can not go to a regular class yet still wish to graduate by just reporting once a week and can study by bringing home structured modules that will provide them a comparative education same as that of a regular class but will be more flexible and home-based.
According to Joan Lagata, OHSP program coordinator, announced that those who would like to enroll will undergo examination and pass the test that will show that they are independent learners and are independent readers and has the capacity to study on their own.

Lagata said that in the OHSP, the student who passes the examination will be enrolled in a modular class equivalent to the regular 8 subjects offered in the basic education scheme. The student will bring home these modules, study and answer the questions and will report once a week or may schedule a meeting with teachers who are handling the subject.

A student may finish the module depending on his capacity to pass the given module. They will also be given summative test and other needed tests required as a requirement to pass aside from the 8 modules equivalent to the eight subjects offered equivalent to a year level.

According to Lagata one can finish within 6 months the first year of high school depending on the student’s capacity to pass the modules and examinations given. If the student pass the 8 modules within the six months period, the student will be promoted to the next year level just like being promoted in a regular class.
The OHSP has a maximum of six years to finish and should the student needs more time.Students who are more advanced and can really prove that they are able to do the modular system of learning may finish it on a four year schedule.

“This scheme that the SNHS is offering is really part of the academe’s thrust to provide everyone, specially those who needs a high school diploma to pursue college education and will be provided the chance to finish their secondary level education and go to a university and have a degree”, according to Lagata.
“What is very important here is the attitude of the student enrolling to really be an independent learner. The OHSP will ensure less expense on students specially if they are having families and if they really can not attend a regular class because of other constraints, usually because of age too or other circumstance. This program of the SNHS willl give them the chance to finish their secondary education aside from the ALS “, according to Rempillo. (Irma A. Guhit)


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