NUJP Sorsogon joins World Press Freedom Day celebration

Bobby Labalan, chair NUJP Sorsogon chapter. PHOTO BY ANGEL AYALA/BICOLTODAY.COM
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SORSOGON CITY – The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines – Sorsogon chapter joins in solidarity with the whole media community in the observance of the World Press Freedom Day.

In a statement NUJP-Sorsogon said, “we  joins our colleagues in demanding for an immediate and decisive action by the government in putting a stop to all media killings in the country and the swift justice for all victims of of such act including those who have been subjected to harassment, threat and intimidation.”

“Let us never forget the infamous Maguindanao Massacre which put our nation on the top among the most dangerous place in the world for media workers.”

“We are of strong belief that the continued failure of the government to act decisively on these crimes serves as an encouragement to those responsible, thus making the government an accessory to the crime.”

“The NUJP-Sorsogon joins our colleagues in its quest for a better working condition, additional wage and benefits, and the guarantee of a security of tenure for media workers.”

“A hungry media worker would most likely succumb to temptations which would eventually result to corruption thus jeopardizing the integrity of his profession.”

“There could hardly be a free media not only if it is under constant threat from physical harm but if it is also suffering economic deprivation.”

“The NUJP-Sorsogon also stands solidly with the whole media industry in its relentless effort to pursue the immediate passage of the Freedom of Information bill which would allow greater access to vital information by the public. The passage of this bill would further empower the citizenry thus strengthening the campaign against graft and corruption.”

“But as we seek all these, we also join in the collective efforts to cleanse and police our ranks as we strive for a more responsible and ethical media community.”

“Let us continue the fight for a freer press, not only free from suppression and physical harm but also free from economic deprivation.” NUJP ended.



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