NUJP urges better wages, conditions for media workers on Labor Day

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MANILA, Philippines – The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) marked Labor Day by calling for job security, better wages and working conditions for media workers.

“On Labor Day, media workers will not only cover and report on commemorative activities but also join our fellow workers in upholding and defending the rights of workers,” it said.

“While the media plays a key role in defending and promoting democratic institutions and processes, the rights of workers in the fourth estate are among those widely ignored and violated,” the NUJP said, noting that many media workers have no security of tenure and get meager pay “even as they constantly face the high risks that come with the job and continued threats from enemies of press freedom.”

The group also criticized the “correspondent” and “talent” systems through which journalists “perform the work of regular reporters but lack job security and benefits, including life and medical insurance, and allowances.”

“In the provinces, news and photo correspondents of community newspapers are paid from P75 to P150 per story or photo. Most editors earn just a little more than the minimum daily wage,” the NUJP pointed out.

It also lamented what it said was the “growing number of cases of workers terminated from work due to union and organizing activities.”

The NUJP also worried about multi-platform operations that has “resulted in more work for workers without any corresponding payments for additional work rendered or even any increase in salaries.”


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