BU to conduct biodiversity study on Bulusan volcano natural park

Photo courtesy by xplorerboyz.blogspot.com
Photo courtesy by xplorerboyz.blogspot.com

SORSOGON CITY – Fifteen (15) students coming from the Bicol University (BU) through their Professor, Ms. Carina Discaya have requested permission to conduct a Biodiversity Study at the Bulusan Volcano Natural Park (BVNP) this February during the first quarterly meeting of the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) last week at the Sorsogon Provincial Management Office (SPMO).

Ms. Discaya presented the proposal and time schedule to the PAMB as to when they will conduct the study. She said that this study will provide additional data and information on the current environmental biodiversity status of the park.
She presented a proposal on the scheduled activity to the PAMB members as to what will be the focus and coverage of their research.

Discaya said that they will determine the kind of moss, licken, ferns fungi and other associated flora that can be found in the area especially in the forest. “Hopefully we will be able to find out other life forms present in the forest and the lake,” she said.

An earlier report presented by Discaya was the presence of an endemic bird known as “Brami Kite” that is identified to be with the eagle family.

During the presentation, Action Officer and Head of the Search and Rescue of the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and management Council (PDRRMC) Manro L. Jayco aired his concern regarding the safety of the research group since earlier on, there was an abnormal activity recorded on Mt. Bulusan.

“Because of this abnormal situations and heavy rains, the necessary precaution and rules of protocol on safety be observed,” he expressed. He said further that as long as they will not expose themselves within the 4-km permanent danger zone and that they undertake all necessary, then they may go on with their research.
The local government of Bulusan through the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer (MENRO) has given the assurance of providing the group the needed assistance.

Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer Oscar Dominguez expressed that all the necessary permits in the conduct of the study be secured and before the actual on-site visit, the necessary clearance be forwarded to the Protected Area Supervisor of BVNP, Mr. Ubaldo B. Oliquino, Jr. Likewise, the PAMB should also be provided with the results of the study.

The PAMB is the management body created under the National Integrated Protected Area System (NIPAS) responsible for matters relating to the protection, and administration of the protected area. The PAMB is designed to ensure the harmonization of local government plans and policies with implementation of the NIPAS.
The PAMB is composed of representatives coming from the five (5) municipalities covering the area of Mt. Bulusan namely, the local government of Bulusan, Barcelona, Irosin, Juban and Casiguran and other institutional members comprising of heads of office of national government live agencies. (Irma A. Guhit)


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