3 towns in Sorsogon flooded, 687 families evacuated

Spillway in San Francisco, Bulan overflows due to heavy rains since thursday. Photo by Don Gloriane
Spillway in San Francisco, Bulan overflows due to heavy rains since thursday. Photo by DON GLORIANE

SORSOGON CITY (Jan 08) –  Six hundred eighty seven families in the province of Sorsogon have been evacuated in different centers today due to heavy rains.

According to Mr. Manro Jayco, head Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (PDRRMC) the towns of Juban, Prieto Diaz and Bulan are heavily affected by continues rains since thursday.

In Juban town seven barangays are now flooded wherein 665 families are already evacuated. Two barangays in Prieto Diaz and 1 barangay in Bulan towns are also affected.

Sorsogon PDRRMC head Manro Jayco monitors the weather updates on his notebook. Photo by BICOLTODAY.com

We are doing everything to make sure that all residents in affected areas are in safe place, Jayco said.

The PDRRMC are working round the clock to monitor the weather condition.

In the event that the rainfall continuous we will deploy our men to ensure that no casualties will occur especially in low lying areas, Jayco ended.

PDRRMC update on affected areas as of 5:00pm Jan 8, 2011:

Juban – 7 barangays, 665 families
Prieto Diaz – 2 barangays, 12 families
Bulan – 1 barangay, 10 families


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