BFP records P6.9 million fire damages in 2010

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SORSOGON CITY – Nineteen index fire incidences were left to the records of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Sorsogon Provincial Office as the year 2010 bode goodbye.

Senior Fire Officer III Jose Ebdani said that in the past year, the province of Sorsogon’s index fire incidences recorded damages amounting to P6.9 million.

“Of the 19 fire incidents, Sorsogon City recorded 11 incidences, 4 in Bulan, 3 in Pilar and one in Donsol town. All of which were immediately responded to by firefighters particularly that said areas have also their respective fire stations,” said Ebdani.

Index fire incident refers to those with damages ranging from P10,000 and above while non-index fire incident refers to those with damages below P10,000.

“Only index fire incidents are forwarded to the Provincial BFP by the city and municipalities,” Ebdani said.

Meanwhile, Sorsogon City BFP Fire Marshall Chief Inspector Renato B. Marcial said that if both index and non-index fires are to be considered, Sorsogon City has recorded a total of 38 fire incidents for the year 2010 which damages amounted to P2.5M.

“Though the fire incident was marked higher than 2009 which has a total of 13 fire incidents, nevertheless, the damage was bigger as it has recorded a total amount of P4.8M,” Marcial said.

With the foregoing reports, Marcial appealed anew to the public not to be complacent when it comes to fire safety and urged everyone to help support the BFP’s advocacy on fire safety. And in case of fire, they can be reached at hotline 160. (Bennie A. Recebido)



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