Sorsogon solon seeks tax cut for families with disabled children

Sorsogon second district representative Deogracais 'Ding' Ramos. Photo by

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SORSOGON CITY – Sorsogon second district representative Deogracias Ramos, Jr. filed house bill seeking tax deduction for families with children with disability.

In an e-mail statement Rep. Deogracias Ramos, Jr. said that government should help ease the financial burden on families caring for children with special needs by allowing a deduction on a parent or legal guardian’s taxable income.

He also said families with special needs children have different out-of-pocket expenditures than those with regular children.

“We should help children, regardless of any difficulties or differences they may have, to fully realize their potential for development. By allowing a tax deduction on a legal guardian’s taxable income, we help families reduce their expenses and hopefully provide better care,” he remarked.

Under House Bill 3765, a taxpayer caring for a child with a disability will be able to get a tax deduction of P50,000. Expenses that qualify for a deduction are tuition for a private school; therapy; diagnostic evaluations by a medical professional; tutoring; transportation expenses to school or a medical facility and specialized instructional materials.

The Department of Education’s Special Education Division estimates the cost for taking care of a child with a disability is at least double compared to regular children.

Based on the 2009 Family Income and Expenditure Survey, Filipino families earned an average of P206,000 and spent P176,000 on the average. This translates to an average annual family savings of P31,000 in 2009. On a monthly basis, the reported average income was P17,200 and average expenditure was P14,700.


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