Thousands join International Coastal Cleanup Day in Bicol


25th International Coastal Clean-up Day. Volunteers clear the coastlines of the Albay Gulf as Department of Environment and Natural Resources in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Legazpi Central led the 25th ICC Day. As of press time, an estimated 1,300 kilograms of marine debris were hauled out from the shorelines of Legazpi City. Last year, 13,000 kilograms of trash were cleared by 2,000 volunteers in Bicol Region. According to the 2010 Annual Marine Debris Report by the Ocean Conservancy, the lead organization for the ICC, the Philippines ranked 2nd next only to the United States, likewise, was able to mobilize in 2009 a total of 74,493 volunteers who collected from a cleanup area of 2,427 kilometers a total of more than 327,000 kilograms of debris. Of these, there were 24,751 pieces of plastic bags.


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