Butanding or whaleshark interaction in Donsol, Sorsogon. DOT Photo

Butanding or whaleshark interaction in Donsol, Sorsogon. DOT Photo
Located at the southern tip of Luzon, the provice is the gateway to the south of the Philippines via the town of Matnog where the ferry terminal is found.

Nature has showered the province with unexplored and pristine tourist attractions, boost by mountain lake cradled below Mt. Bulusan, rising at 2000 feet above sea level.

Awed by the wild vegetation around it, the succulent environment of the forest and the idyllic mixture of the wildlife’s enchanting aura, foreign tourists have compared it with the cool and enthralling country of Switzerland, naming it “Switzerland of the Orient.”

Sorsogon is blessed with rich reserved of aquatic resources. It is the major supplier of fish food all over the mainland. By twist of fate, an amazing discovery of grandest scale surfaced.

The world’s largest fish-whale shark (scientific name is Rhicodon Typus) locally known as butanding shelters near the shores of the towns of Donsol and Pilar.

By Land
Sorsogon is accessible from Manila and the Visayas via the Pan-Philippine Highway. Air conditioned coaches plying the Manila to Samar and Leyte routes in the Visayas islands can take these air-conditioned coaches across the San Bernardino Strait from Allen/San Isidro to the Matnog in Sorsogon.
By Sea
Sorsogon is also accessible via the Manila-Cebu-Masbate-Pilar/Bulan route. Luxury ships from Manila can take you on a cruise from Manila to the Port of Cebu. From Cebu another ship can take you on a 12-hour trip to the Port of Cebu. And from Masbate, a motorized boat can take you on another three-hour ride to the rustic town of Pilar/Bulan in Sorsogon.
By Air
This southernmost province of Luzon is accessible by plane through the Legazpi City Airport. From here you can take a cab and go direct to Sorsogon or a “tricycle” that can take you to the city proper where buses queue for passengers going to Sorsogon. (Courtesy Wow Bicol)


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