About 538 kilometers southeast of Manila, the lush province of Albay sands out as the most unique, famed by the province’s main attraction, the picture perfect Mayon Volcano, one of the world’s magnificent mountains.

Her name was derived from the Bikol word “Magayon” which means beautiful. Erupting more than 40 times over the last two centuries, this active volcano towers over the entire Bicol region, rising at 2,462 meters above seal level. An American writer describes her as “an overly perfect backdrop painting of a Hollywood jungle movie.”

Albay also takes pride in other diverse attractions such as clear waterfalls, meandering rivers, spectacular ancient cave network and lush underwater world.


By Land
Deep in the heart of Bicol is the Province of Albay. Take the bus or the plane, (or train). The choice is yours.

By Air
Albay can be reached by plane through the Legazpi airport. It is served by Philippine Airlines, flying daily to and from Legazpi. The approach to Legazpi airport commands a bird’s eye view of the majestic Mayon Volcano-Albay’s pride. Take the seat nearest the window on the forward section of the aircraft; the wings can get in the way of your view.

By Land
About a hundred buses leave Manila daily to Legazpi. The terminals are located at the Araneta Center in Cubao and in Ermita, Manila near the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Travel durin the day is cool. The lush green scenery is magnificient. Drop by the clea rest areas at the forest reserves of Atimonan in Quezon Province or at the Bicol National Park. The trip is as good as the destination itself. (Courtesy Wow Bicol)



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