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Massive vote buying in Bicol Region

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By BicolToday News Team

CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region, 13May2019 – Three days before Monday mid-term election, massive vote-buying in different provinces of Bicol Region were reported.

In Camarines Sur, sample ballots with P1000 cash have been circulated bearing the name of the Governor and his whole line-up, while another sample ballots of candidates aspiring for different positions in different towns were also circulated with various peso bills in different denominations.

Also in Camarines Sur, political party NPC, with bets from the Senatorial line-ups down to town councilors, had given out P1,500 per ID carrying voter.

Not to be outdone, the political party and the camp of incumbent Camarines Sur Governor and his entire lineup gave out P1,900 per voter, provided the beneficiaries must present their fingers for biometric fingerprinting and photo sessions.

In between these cash-giving, hundred peso bills were already dished out, including food packs of 2 kilos of rice and 2 cans of sardines and 3 instant noodles each.

In Masbate, Representative candidates were giving 500 peso per voter, P500 also from mayors.

In Albay, a candidate for Governor is giving 200 pesos per voter, while a candidate for representative is giving P200 to P300, while mayors from different parties, leaders distributed from P500 to P1000 per voter. Vice mayor bets down to councilors were giving out P20, P50 up to 100 pesos.

In Sorsogon, a ballot containing a whole line-up contains P1,000 to P2,000 from different parties.

In Sorsogon City, a candidate for mayor gave money, ranging from P500 to 1,000, vice-mayor – P100, city councilors P100 each.

Meanwhile a Congressional candidate in Sorsogon 2nd District dished out money ranging from P300 to P1,000 pesos.

While, municipal councilors ranged from P20 pesos to 50 pesos.

A candidate for board member ranged from P20 to 50 pesos.

In a report, two incidents of alleged vote buying where noted in the city of Sorsogon (please refer to news posted) both from camps of close rival for mayoralty Ester Hamor and incumbent mayor Sally Lee.

An incident of harassment on a leader of Ester Hamor in Macabog, barangay captain Jeck Jeck Laguidao whose house were raked by bullets fired by unidentified armed men, Saturday morning, May 11, 2019. []

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