Bicol workers revving up for May 1 Labor Day rally; Manila labor sector to present "matrix" of anti-Labor business, government personalities  | BICOL TODAY

Bicol workers revving up for May 1 Labor Day rally; Manila labor sector to present “matrix” of anti-Labor business, government personalities 

Photo from KMU FB page

By Joey Natividad 

CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region – Revving up for the mammoth rally on Labor Day, May 1, in Manila, Bicol labor groups here are informed about the plan by labor groups in Metro-Manila which will present before the nation the lists of personalities, or matrix of anti-Labor personalities who are collaborative for the stagnation of Filipino labor and their “institutional/corporate attitude” that lead to formulation of policies that prevent the advancement of labor toward a more prosperous status, nor uplift the standard of living condition.

National labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno on Saturday presented a “matrix” of anti-labor personalities, government agencies and big-business institutions.

This labor matrix prepared by KMU is “to counter the government’s matrix against media personalities and lawyers.”

“This matrix shows who’s behind the gross attacks on workers’ wages, job security and labor and human rights. On top of the list is President Rodrigo Duterte who has been hell-bent on establishing his fascist dictatorship to further promote the interests of American and Chinese big-businesses,” said Lito Ustarez, KMU vice chairperson, informing in Naga City.

KMU has labor chapters, affiliates and allied labor groups in the Bicol Region.

Among those included in the list are Malacanang officials that are behind the anti-worker and anti-people policies of the Duterte government.

Also included are military and police officials behind the government’s massive human rights violations.

The matrix also shows key big business personalities, government agencies and institutions promoting cheap, contractual labor and other labor rights violations.

Linking these personalities and agencies are the US and China which, KMU claims, are the biggest foreign powers that control the political and economic conditions of the country that worsen hunger, poverty and human rights situation of Filipino workers and people.

“The personalities and agencies in these matrix are colluding to perpetrate schemes and policies against Filipino workers and peoples. Duterte and his cohorts deserve our disgust, outrage and protests,” Ustarez said.

The KMU claimed that Duterte and his cohorts in the anti-worker matrix will be the target of this year’s mammoth nationwide Labor Day protest on May 1.

“On May 1, international Labor Day, workers across the country will show their outrage against Duterte and his cohorts in a nationwide protests to demand a P750 nationwide wage hike, an end to all forms of contractualization and to denounce Duterte’s creeping dictatorship and gross labor and human rights violations,” said Ustarez. []

Graphics from KMU FB page

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