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Brothers escape police detention, turn over seized firearms and ammunition to NPA in Western Samar

CALBIGA, Western Samar – Two prisoners of the Calbiga police station escaped from their detention cell and ran off with several firearms and ammunition and turned them to the New People’s Army (NPA) rebels in the area.

Rebel group Efren Martires Command of the NPA-Eastern Visayas announced Wednesday in a statement over the internet that Rowel Mabahin and his brother, who is a minor, surrendered to the NPA immediately after escaping from detention at the police station in Calbiga, Western Samar last March 15.

According to the NPA communique, the Mabahin brothers voluntarily turned over to the NPA three M16 rifles, two .45 cal. pistols and one 9mm pistol, three ammunition pouches, 12 M16 magazines and 300 bullets, two cellphones and other items. The Mabahin brothers are now in the custody of the NPA.

NPA Efren Martires Command said, “The Mabahin brothers told the NPA they escaped from the custody of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines out of fear for their lives. This was because a certain police officer (name withheld) threatened to summarily execute them after showing them a video of the NPA ambush in Motiong, Western Samar that same day. The Mabahin brothers had reason to be afraid because the younger brother had already suffered torture. The Calbiga police forcibly poured water, mixed with hot pepper, down his throat while holding him down. The younger Mabahin thus incurred a deep hatred of the police because of his torture.”

The NPA added the brothers were driven to commit common crimes because of poverty, hunger and disenfranchisement.

The brothers are accused under the GRP’s reactionary justice system of stealing two motorcycles and injuring a peasant who accused one of them of theft.

The NPA said the brothers are ready to face the revolutionary justice system of the People’s Democratic Government because they will undergo due process, their rights will be fully respected, and if they indeed need to face trial, their youth and willingness to renew their lives will be duly considered. []

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