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Protect our children from iron-fisted fascist state – CEGP

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QUEZON CITY – House Justice panel on Thursday, January 22, approved the lowering of minimum age of criminal responsibility to nine (9) years old despite staunch opposition among child-rights group and supporters.

The gravely unfounded justification to put children as young as nine behind bars projects is not a fatherly figure of the administration but a vicious character of a villain who encourages syndicates to continuously use children for their crimes, said College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP).

The Congress dunces pathetically, claims the measure to be showing the administration’s commitment to children’s rights despite evidently ill management for restorative justice for children-at-risk, and children-in-conflict-with-the-law. Moreover, it cannot be forgotten how this murderous regime claimed lives of innocent children in its bloody anti-drug operations, CEGP lamented.

With lack of substantial backing to such obscure measure to protect Filipino children, it speaks volume of how the Duterte administration treats them: lacking., CEGP argued.

“If the president and his supporters so claim that he is a father of this nation, he might as well be put in jail due to his appalling failure and neglect to protect his supposed children, this nation he has placed in grave danger by his terrible leadership.”

CEGP calls on the administration to resign from pursuing hearings on such proposed measure which is explicitly designed to be both anti-children and anti-poor. Let us not fail the children with abject propositions concerning their protection.

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