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Sison to Duterte: Open to Peace Negotiations but, Agreements must be forged

President Rodrigo Duterte and CPP Founding Chairman Jose Maria Sison. Photo from Facebook

UTRETCH, the Netherlands – President Duterte’s latest pronouncement that he is still open to peace negotiation with the communist rebels is answered Saturday by Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant.

Professor Sison, in a communique released to media Saturday, reminds President Duterte that if he is still open to peace negotiations, it must be presumed that, when peace negotiations resume, the way is open to the forging of agreements on social, economic and political reforms that are desired and needed by the people.

“I welcome the statement of Duterte that he is still open to peace negotiations even as there is still an exchange of hostile words in the mass media and exchange of bullets in the battlefield,” says Sison.
Sison observes that enemies need peace negotiations before they can become friends or partners for the sake of the Filipino people who desire social, economic and political reforms as basis for a just and lasting peace.

In the past months, Duterte has been waving the sword of war when the peace talks collapsed, while efforts to revive the peace talks, through third-party stakeholders, had failed.

The saber-rattling by Duterte to break the communist movement and his hard-line policy for “all-out war” was far from achieving victory by state forces as the various red guerrilla fronts have proven their mastery in countering state military operations.

Sison reminds: “It is the consistent policy of the NDFP to be open to peace negotiations with the Duterte regime despite the determination of the NDFP to seek the ouster of this regime.”

“It is for the benefit of the people that the peace negotiations resume and stop the Duterte regime from proclaiming martial law nationwide, from calling off or rigging the May 2019 elections, and from pursuing the scheme to impose a fascist dictatorship on the Filipino people via charter change for a bogus kind of federalism,” Sison declares.

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