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Andaya bashing on Diokno to cover up “Malampaya” fund mess; “budget skeletons” also hidden

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PILI, Camarines Sur — House Majority Leader Rolando Andaya is also hiding some “skeletons” inside his Budget “closet” under then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) term when he, as Budget Secretary, awarded a PhP 2 billion irrigation project in Cabusao, Camarines Sur which is in the 2nd District under then Representative Dato Arroyo, son of GMA.

An insider source said he also funded a PhP 1.6 billion dam project, later both dam and irrigation projects were reported wasted.

Andaya of Ragay, Camarines Sur, was then Representative of 1st District, and the adjoining 2nd District was newly-created from Andaya’s district during GMA term, to accommodate GMA’s son, Datu Arroyo, to become Congressman. Owing to that “legislative landmark” creating the 2nd District by legislation, GMA appointed Andaya as Budget Secretary.

Budget Secretary Andaya’s billion pesos “mothballed” projects

Then, as Budget Secretary, Andaya allocated “mothballed” projects for their cronies, to the President’s son “greenhorn” Congressman Datu Arroyo for projects inside the 2nd District, and allegedly to “favored” NFH Construction and SunWest Construction which has close links to Ako Bicol Partylist.

Criticism about budgetary “perks” Congressman Andaya is now hurling against Secretary Diokno, who was reported having allocated more development funds for Casiguran, Sorsogon Province as compared to other towns, the source said Andaya, then as Budget Secretary under President GMA, should be investigated for the funding of 1.6 billion dam project and the funding of PhP 2 billion irrigation project in Cabusao, Libmanan, in 2006-2007.

Covering-up Malampaya probe

The source said Andaya is “bullying” Diokno, as form of diversionary tactic, to cover up any future probe that may be revived on the fund mess involving “Malampaya” that happened during GMA’s term which, based on reports that time. until now an “unfinished probe”, Andaya’s hands were allegedly “stained”.

During the Malampaya probe, Andaya was allegedly “mad” on Senators Chiz Escudero and Grace Poe. At the present House probe, the Majority Floor Leader diverted his attention on Casiguran (Sorsogon) Mayor Edwin Hamor for the “favored budget allocations” hurled at Diokno owing to Hamor’s close link to Escudero and relationship, by affinity, to Diokno.

Andaya’s comfort zone

Inside his “comfort zone” in Camarines Sur, Andaya’s bullying on defenseless Sorsogon town officials, is getting some “pogi points” in media mileage, but according to a source, he is a coward, fearful to accuse veteran politicians, the Villafuertes, of “wrongdoings” in Camarines Sur for fear of “backlash”. Andaya is running for Governor against incumbent Governor Migz Villafuerte.

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Another source said the Arroyos, especially ex-Congressman Arroyo, is pushing for Andaya to win the gubernatorial race as ex-deal for the Arroyos to return back again in Camarines Sur politics. A report said ex-solon Dato Arroyo has been “hovering around” in Pampanga, GMA’s turf, without getting any “lucky break” to get into Pampanga politics, thus, his desire to go back to Camarines Sur, an easy route for Datu to get back to Congress. []

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