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Andaya bashing on Diokno to pave way for GMA to get Budget post 

By News Team

CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region – The public hearing by the House Committee on Rules in this city led by Majority Floor Leader Rolando Andaya had run off-track when it resorted more on bashing Budget Secretary Diokno resulting to rendering “collateral damage” and “public roasting” to hapless Sorsogon officials and contractors, a tirade with no one among attendees learning anything about proper budgeting.

On Thursday, January 3, Congressman Andaya led a power-packed group of Congressmen for the much-awaited public hearing in the hope the hearing would leave additional “knowledge” to stakeholders on Obligation-Based vs Cash-Based Budgeting System and Questionable Budget Practices of the Department of Budget and Management. at Avenue Plaza Hotel, this city.

Whispered stories circulating among attendees in the public hearing say Andaya is bashing hard on Budget Secretary Diokno in order to pave the way for House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) to get the Budget post.

A netizen reacted over social media: Yosh Tumale · Dati ka ring bata ni gloria angdaya na humahawak ng pera ng gobyerno dapat matagal mo na ginawa yan, political agenda yan kasi election nanaman

Pay-back time

During GMA’s term as President, she had appointed Andaya as Budget Secretary as reward for him for breaking up the !st District in Camarines Sur to carve or create a 2nd District to accommodate GMA’s son Datu Arroyo to run for Congress. Datu became House Representative for Camarines Sur’s 2nd District.

Knowledgeable sources in Naga said Andaya benefited so much then from the privilege and “perks” associated in the position as “Budget Secretary” during GMA’s term, and such privileges he had enjoyed is also in the same mechanics under Diokno.

A netizen of the social media reacted: Maria Angela Cahanding – Sobrang patawa. Pinalalabas na si Sec Diokno ang nag imbento ng ganyang hokus pokus???? PPHHLEAAASEEEE!

The proceedings went so far as bashing officials in far-away Sorsogon Province and sniping at Secretary Diokno, who was in Manila, that time.

“Pogi-points” and media mileage worth millions of pesos

The media coverage has aided Andaya to get some “pogi points” and “PR exposure” worth million pesos if he has resorted to get mileage thru paid TV advertisement.

Several netizens in social media reacted sharply on Andaya’s public hearing:

Maria Angela Cahanding – Hello.Ung implementing agency po ang nagsassgawa ng bidding….tga release lng ng budget ang DBM based on the GAA passed by congresss…

Lando Nene – An Daya palagi!!! Try to cover up!!! They are interested to hold DBM !!!

Mike Suan – Political agenda ang tumbok hindi budget?😢😢😢

According to observers, the public hearing had gone off hay-wire that resulted to witch-hunt, inquisition, and has nothing to do with budget. The “grandstanding” by Andaya is likened to a House investigation “in aid of election”.

A netizen said: Mel Martinez · Ano ito, monologue ni Andaya?

Andaya candidate for Governor in Camarines Sur; afraid of the Villafuertes?

In reality, Andaya is candidate for Governor in Camarines Sur, but his style in bashing Sorsogon projects and Secretary Diokno to get much media mileage is “cheap propaganda gimmick”.

Many wonder if Andaya is afraid of the Villafuertes, his opponent in Camarines Sur politics, that he cannot raise issues against the Villafuertes on charges of “corruption and financial mismanagement” without incurring “hostile backlash”. Several months ago, Andaya had a row with Villafuerte henchmen that attracted media mileage.

Andaya is running against incumbent Governor Migz Villafuerte.

In Sorsogon, a netizen commented that Andaya is afraid of the Villafuertes, that it is comfortable for him to “bully” Sorsogon. ” Nagmukhang monologue ang hearing na isinagawa ng komite at naging tumbok lamang ng pahayag ni Andaya na sirain ang pagkatao ni Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno at iniuugnay sa pamilya ni Mayor Edwin Hamor (of Casiguran, Sorsogon)”. []

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