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99 dead in Bicol Region due to Typhoon Usman; casualties to rise pending completion of Sagñay, Cam Sur, rescue operation

Photo by Irvin Ayo

By Joey Natividad

PILI, Camarines Sur, 2Jan2019 (BicolToday.com) — Government confirmed that 69 persons died in the Bicol Region due to Typhoon Usman, as of January 1, 2019 report; and these casualties will go higher once Sagñay, Camarines Sur completes its ongoing rescue and retrieval operations on the landslide in Patitinan village where 30 bodies were recovered so far.

If the recovered 30 bodies in Sagñay were officially reported in the government list, the death toll will reach 99. But, the figures are expected to rise more as Search and Retrieval (SAR) operation is now starting on Sitio Garang area in Patitinan, where the landslide is estimated to be about 5 hectares. The landslide had crushed over a housing area, estimated to be about 50 houses. As of the other day, only one body was recovered when it was fished out from the sea.

Search and rescue (SAR) operations in Patitinan are still ongoing on, due to rains that hampered SAR the past few days, and a landslide blocked the highway, preventing rescuers from reaching the site where it was later accessed by the sea.

In Sitio Garang, Patitinan, rescuers have not yet worked on the area owing to the slippery and muddy down-slope terrain, the site whom survivors said more people had been buried, or flushed out into the sea. These casualties were not counted among the recovered 30 bodies in another sitio in Patitinan.

Also, hard-hit area is Tiwi, Albay, which shares the same mountain range with Patitinan in Camarines Sur. [BicolToday.com]

Photo Renato Reyta Jr.

I. CASUALTIES: 69 (Dead) 

Source: OCD5 as of 7PM, Jan. 1, 2019


Tiwi (14): 
1. Ranel Consulta y Cuera;
2. Charmine Consulta;
3. Jasmine Consulta;
4. Ruben Convencido;
5. Nimrod Bobis Jr.;
6. Gabriel Igacio;
7. Rita Climacosa;
8. Mark Angelo Bobis;
9. Maylene Dacuno;
10. Ronnie Clerigo;
11. Angeline Bobis; and (for verification: Landslide casualties)
12. Francia Copino (drowning casualty)
13. Jose Dacillo, 79 y/o and
14. Arnel Bragais, (for verification: Landslide casualties)

Legazpi City (3): 
1. Mia Loreto 20 y/o;
2. Mauro Alegre 26 y/o and
3. Marco Alegre (Landslide);

Camarines Norte: 14

Basud (4): 
1. Amy Del Rosario;
2. Joshua Del Rosario;
3. Allan Del Rosario
4. Adrian Del Rosario y Franco, 11 y/o (for verification: Landslide casualties)

Jose Panganiban (6): 
1. Magdalena Legarde y Martinez;
2. Manuel Legarde y Martinez;
3. Mark Legarde y Martinez
4. Josephine Putong y Martinez, 50 y/o; and
5. Antonette Putong y Marbella, 9 y/o
6. Manny Legarde, 51 y/o (for verification: Landslide casualties)

Labo (3)
1. Aaron Haylo Villafranca, 31 y/o
2. Jonnel Villafranca Are, 16 y/o
3. Christian Jay Epa Reyes, 9 y/o (for verification: Landslide casualties)

Vinzons (1)
1. Rica Mae Villalon y Ojo, 8 y/o, (for verification: Drowning casualty)

Camarines Sur: 25

Lagonoy (3): 
1. Charles Las Penas (Landslide),
2. Charles Luzande, 11 y/o (Landslide)
3. Ricardo Mancera (Drowning)

Baao (5): 
1. Babylyn De Lima y Biag;
2. Jielin De Lima y Biag;
3. Jieben De Lima y Biag;
4. Benjie De Lima y Biag;
5. Vince Jersey De Lima y Biag, (for verification: Landslide casualties)

Garchitorena (2): 
1. John Lloyd Bron y Beriso (Drowning); and
2. John Mark Bron y Beriso (for verification/validation the cause of death)

Buhi (10): 
1. Shiela Eclarinal;
2. Gloria Competente;
3. Sharlene Tejara;
4. Jessa Labro;
5. Martina Consulta;
6. Shiela Capiz;
7. Juan Capiz; and
8. Danny Capiz
9. Hubert Capiz
10. Ana Conde (for verification/validation the cause of death)

Tinambac (5): 
1. Ryan Cabras;
2. Rosalie Cabras;
3. Reyan Cabras;
4. Danica Cabras; and
5. Nene Cabras, (for verification/validation the cause of death)

Masbate: 7

Claveria (3)

1. Susana Celesti;
2. Minang Macahilig y Celesti; and
3. Rosana Macahilig y Celesti, 9 y/o (Drowning);

Mobo (3)
1. Juan Francisco y Gigante (Drowning);
2. Jun Nerza (fell from the tree);
3.Teresita Fapiliajera (Drowning)

Uson (1)
1.Manilyn Catarinin (Drowning);

Sorsogon: 6
Bulan (2): 
1. Angelina Gerona, 91 y/o (Landslide);
2. Jaime Morico 70 y/o (Drowning)

Sorsogon City (4):
1. Gerald Despabiladeras, 14 y/o and
2. Gilbert Desunia, 22 y/o, (Landslide);
3. Dominador Esquivel, 31 y/o (Landslide); and
4. Franklin Olevere (Landslide);

Source: OCD5 as of 7PM, January 1, 2019

1. Nina Angelina Bobis, 6 y/o;
2. Charles Gabriel Ignacio;
3. Panaks Clerigo;
4. Samuel Fabio;
5. Henry Convencido; and
6. Junny Convencido, all residents of Brgy. Bariis, Tiwi, Albay (landslide)

Camarines Norte-2:
1. Adrian del Rosario, 11 y/o

1. Randy Orolfo, 45 y/o

Camarines Sur-5:
1.Jun-Jun Celesti

1. Rochelle Capiz, 15 y/o
2. Urbanito Capiz
3. Rolly Conde, 38 y/o
4. John Carlo Tejara

Sorsogon City

1. Leonel Diaz, 14 y/o; and
2. Magno Deocareza Diaz, 40 y/o.

Source: OCD5 as of 7PM, January 1, 2019


1. Jayson Galan;
2. Mark Bristol;
3. Randy Cleofe;
4. Danilo Galan Jr;
5. Melchor Dacuno (due to landslide)
6. Roel Brusola
7. Anjo Dacuno

Camarines Norte-1
Jose Panganiban
1. Jose Punong y Valenzuela

Camarines Sur-18

1. Lydia Nacion Samayo, 56 y/o
2. Reynaldo Cerezo, 62 y/o

1. Bernard Eclarinal Capiz, 13 y/o
2. Billy Boy Eclarinal Capiz, 11 y/o
3. Benito Mesalucha Capiz, 49 y/o
4. Uzhel Capiz, 5 y/o
5. Jay Labro Olbis, 22 y/o
6. Lucille Capiz, 4 yo

1. John Arnold Dela Cruz, 18 y/o
2. Ramil Samarista, 39 y/o

1. Crisanta Atanacio, 7 y/o

1. John Lloyd Tigue, 20 y/o
2. Geraldo Bolina, 42 y/o
3. Maria Dancalan, 52 y/o
4. Manuel Dancalan, 20 y/o

1. Dominador Gonzaga, 42 y/o
2. Jerick San Juan, 26 y/o

1. Sharmaine Tabilog, 20 y/o

Sorsogon City (6);

1. Mark Diolata, 28 y/o;
2. Mark Bristol, 15 y/o; and
3. Arjay Dulpina, 19 y/o.

Pilar: (1)
1. John Robert Barcayda, 21 y/o;

Bulan (2)
1. Chery Gerona Palabino, 21 y/o; and
2. Marissa Gerona Agarin, 55 y/o

J. Number SAR Personnel Deployed: 457
Albay: 73
Cam Norte: 128
Cam Sur: 212
Catanduanes: 44

K. No. of SAR Personnel on Standby: 1,006
RHQ (RSSF): 121
Albay: 143
Cam Norte: 16
Cam Sur: 328
Catanduanes: 178
Sorsogon: 205
Naga: 15

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