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Duterte must focus on the economy – says youth group

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte arrives in Bali, Indonesia for ASEAN Leaders’ Gathering. Photo/Text by PCOO

CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region – Youth group Anakbayan has challenged President Duterte to solve the worsening economic crisis, rather than dabble about the alleged Red October plot which is a mere fabrication by his men to divert the real issues.

“The President must tackle and face head on the worsening economic crisis affecting millions of poor Filipinos instead of fanning fear and fascism on the populace with its downright ludicrous Red October ouster plot fabrication,” declared Anakbayan, its statement sent online to Bicol Today in Naga City.

Anakbayan said it has joined students from various universities in Metro Manila tagged by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in the alleged destabilization plot for the #OctoberRage national day of protest on October 12.

The militant youth group lambasted at the Duterte administration, saying the poorly concocted scheme of “destabilization” serves only to deflect the regime’s inutility in managing the incessant price hike of oil, rice, bread, fish and other basic commodities; record-high inflation rate; and the generally deteriorating state of our economy.

“Cut the crap, Duterte! Filipinos are struggling to make ends meet because of the soaring prices of everyday needs but all your regime is doing is to waste time and effort combating the bogeyman of communism. How indifferent and callous! We will not succumb to your narrative. Now, let’s talk about the real issues—let’s talk about the economy!” said Einstein Recedes, Anakbayan Secretary General. “Let’s talk about the daily life of Filipinos! Dito, sa mundo ng mga gutom, dito tayo magdiskusyon!”

Recedes maintained that the Duterte government only needs the political will to provide immediate relief to the ordinary Filipino consumer, such as imposing price controls and stopping the implementation of its anti-poor tax reform law.

“Duterte has the vested power to address this economic crisis but he instead chose to listen to his economic managers who can only come up with short-term solutions that do not protect the welfare of the marginalized,” he stressed.

“The fact is, the crisis can only be solved by stopping the implementation of TRAIN and not through band-aid solutions like the unimpeded importation of rice and other basic commodities which would only kill the Philippines’ agricultural sector and place millions of agricultural families deeper into poverty and starvation,” said Recedes.

Anakbayan also hit Duterte’s wage and employment policies as grossly inadequate in the face of rising inflation which hit 6.7% last September, particularly the regime’s stand on minimum wage and contractual work.

“Now more than ever has it become absolutely justified to increase the national minimum wage to a just and living wage of P16,000 a month, to ensure that Filipino families can buy enough food to feed themselves each day. Until now, Duterte has yet to end contractualization and Filipino workers continue to toil in unsafe conditions for extended hours with no benefits such as overtime pay and sick leaves,” said Recedes. .

“Ganun ka ba katigas, Duterte? Nagugutom na ang sambayanan pero bingi ka pa din sa hinaing na taasan ang sahod? It must be nice for you and your cohorts to be surrounded by rich ‘economic mis-managers’ who never have to think about where their next meal would come from,” the Anakbayan head said.

“You treat the Filipino working class as virtual slaves for your capitalist buddies and yet you have the gall to call them communists when they go on strike? Sino ba’ng may kasalanan kung bakit nagwewelga ang mga pagawaan kung hindi ikaw?” asked Recedes. “You’re wasting your time concocting ludicrous tales and conspiracies, time that should be spent working, time that the millions of starving Filipinos simply do not have!”

“Enough is enough. Duterte should quit it with the theatrics and buckle down and solve the country’s economic woes. The Filipino people are angry and fed-up. Not addressing the economic issues which literally hit close to the gut is a sure-fire way to push the people into ousting this callous and cruel regime,” he said. [BicolToday.com]

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