Church people alliance curses NutriAsia: "those who become rich by abusing their workers have sinned against God. (James 5:1-6)" | BICOL TODAY

Church people alliance curses NutriAsia: “those who become rich by abusing their workers have sinned against God. (James 5:1-6)”

MANILA – A Church alliance group slammed at police violent dispersal of striking workers of NutriAsia, and connivance of repression by police and NutriAsia.

The Promotion of Church People’s Response (PCPR) deplored the violent dispersal and illegal arrest of striking workers of NutriAsia, their supporters and even members of the media, after holding ecumenical liturgical prayers in front of the food giant’s Marilao plant last July 30.

“We demand the immediate and unconditional release of the 19 individuals illegally arrested, including media workers and a supporter from the Church people-Workers Solidarity. Despite an order of release from the prosecutor—which indicated that the police have not met the burden of probable cause and charges will not be filed before the court without additional investigation and evidence, the police have demanded that the arrested persons secure clearances as ‘procedural requirements and police protocols,’ PCPR said.

“Refusal to release the detained persons is not only outrageous and unreasonable, but it is blatantly unlawful, as clearance requirements are only for those who have been committed by courts for custody. Police invocation of such ‘protocols’ must be exposed as a shameful machination for harassment and even possible extortion.”

Video footage and reports from the media, people’s organizations and church people present during during the incident show clearly that the violent dispersal was unprovoked and without justification. Reports even exposed that the police “planted” a detainee carrying contraband (firearm and shabu) into those arrested to insinuate wrong-doing and cast aspersions on the striking NutriAsia workers’ legitimate protest.

“We hold the management of NutriAsia, headed by the big-business Campos family, responsible for its brutal assault on its workers, their families and supporters. We condemn the Duterte government for prolonged failure in delivering its promise of ending contractualization. We insist that the Duterte government account for the PNP Meycauayan’s connivance with the NutriAsia management in the violent dispersal and illegal arrests,” PCPR demanded justice.

PCPR argued the demands of the striking workers are both just and with merit. Long ago, they should have been granted regularization, fair wages and other benefits. A decent income where they can provide for their families in the midst of rising prices and a worsening economy is a reasonable expectation. The denial of their rightful demands seeks to dehumanize the laboring workers, revealing the insatiable character of capitalism that knows no bounds and even uses violence, brutality, and inhumane treatment. Unfortunately, this government has sided with the capitalists, using state forces to sow violence and fear.

PCPR vowed: “The dispersal of a peaceful and prayerful gathering on the NutriAsia picket line not only violates the rights of the workers and those gathered, but is also an affront to the Church’s prophetic witness and journeying with the poor, especially the workers. We call on fellow Church people to strengthen Church support to NutriAsia workers and their families. Let us mobilize our congregations, parishes and communities in calling: Release NutriAsia 19! #BoycottNutriAsia and Regularize NutriAsia workers now!” []

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