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Government media hit for ‘fake news’ on Federalism Forum in Albay


By Joey Natividad

CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region — Concerned citizens Monday protested over the erroneous report by government media outlets regarding the public forum on Federalism in Albay last Friday, for painting a scenario that about 6,000 people, the number who attended the forum, supported the draft constitutional proposals and shift to federalism.

Lawyer Ricky Tomotorgo of Naga City lamented: “I WAS ONE OF THOSE WHO ATTENDED THIS ACTIVITY to represent the Ateneo de Naga University College of Law. Many of us who attended the said forum were there not because we are for federalism but because we just want to know the salient features of the draft federal constitution. But we were frustrated because no copy of the draft constitution was presented. This news report is MISLEADING.”

Catholic priest Fr. Rex Paul Arjona, scored on the news report by state-run People’s Television (PTV-4) regarding the news report that 6,000 Bicolanos, who attended the forum in Albay Astrodome that Friday, are supporting Federalism.

According to Fr. Arjona, the Bicolanos who attended the Regional Consultation on Federalism were not manifesting their support, but to listen.

“Most of those who came, did so to listen, not necessarily to show their support. The attendance sheet they signed is evidence of attendance, not support to federalism,” said Arjona.

Here is the Facebook post of Fr. Arjona:

“FAKE NEWS ALERT. This is not true. Most of those who came, did so to listen, not necessarily to show their support. The attendance sheet they signed is evidence of attendance, not support to federalism. Most government employees and barangay officials present in the various events were required to attend. It was more of a presentation than a consultation. The audience was not given a draft of the proposed new Constitution, just the ‘highlights’ and lots of motherhood statements. During the open forum, many questions were not answered satisfactorily. Most telling was the lack of clarity as to how the Bicol region would fare economically under the proposed system.

However, what is inexcusable is how Albayanos have been manipulated by PTV4 and, to a certain extent, by the organizers, into becoming a tool to railroad federalism. The rest of the country is being made to believe that there is a groundswell of support to federalism (where in fact, the latest surveys state the contrary) – at the expense of Bicolanos and Albayanos.

I call on DILG V and PIA V to issue a clarification on this matter. Otherwise, we will consider you part of the Duterte regime’s fake news machinery. Next time you call on us, should we also say, ‘never again’?

Parang Marcos lang noon, tinanong lang ang audience kung sino’ng gusto ng pinamimigay na relief goods, nang itinaas ang mga kamay, counted na bilang mga boto sa kanilang panukalang Konstitusyon.”

Several local government employees, on condition of anonymity, said they were required to attend the forum in Albay, and insisted they were not supporting Federalism since the new government concept is still vague and “abstract” among the grassroots.

The government news agency, PNA, reported Saturday, about the two-day public consultation held July 5-6 by the Consultative Committee tasked to review the 1987 Constitution, with its banner story “Over 6K Bicolanos pledge support for federalism.” []


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