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Bangsamoro Basic Law, a “sham” to Moro destiny

QUEZON CITY – Progressive youth group Anakbayan has blasted the Duterte regime for railroading the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law which it called “sham” and “tokenistic” as it does not embody the Bangsamoro people’s aspirations for self-determination and just peace in the region.

“It is painfully apparent that the passage of the watered-down BBL is nothing more than a sham meant to assuage the anger of the Moro people and pacify their resistance against the Duterte’s tyranny and dictatorship which destroyed Marawi and is now causing them tremendous suffering under the martial rule in Mindanao,” said Einstein Recedes, Anakbayan Secretary-General.

“The BBL is a scheming tactic by the regime to create an illusion of peace and self-determination long yearned by the Bangsamoro people and continues the historical injustice and oppression perpetrated against them since the colonial times,” Recedes continued.

According to the youth leader, a mere look at certain provisions in the current version of the BBL would reveal the aforementioned. It includes the increased powers of the national government on vital affairs of the Bangsamoro government, which includes managing of economic and natural resources, protection of the rights of indigenous peoples, and the control of the Shari’ah justice system; the surrender of arms of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the entry of more military troops in the Bangsamoro region; and the appointment of the entire composition of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA), including its interim chief minister, by the president.

“It is not a stretch to claim that the BBL, much like the martial law declaration in the island, is part of Duterte’s sinister scheme to consolidate power and fulfill his dictatorial ambitions. Duterte and his lackeys are hailing the passage of the BBL because it furthers the fascist, tyrannical and corrupt ways of the regime,” he said.

“Duterte can never regard himself as an advocate of peace and reconciliation for the Moro people. Under his martial law in Mindanao, he intensified the war of aggression against Moros, displacing over half a million individuals in 2017. At the same time, his regime shows its duplicity in peace talks by holding 462 individuals affiliated with legitimate Moro organizations on charges of rebellion and terrorism despite the signing of basic peace agreements with these groups. With all of these acts, it is clear that Duterte is the real and present terrorist in Mindanao. The BBL’s passage will only be used as an excuse for the intensification of Duterte’s fascist dictatorship in the region,” Recedes furthered.

“Moreover, the BBL will make it easier for Duterte’s corrupt cohorts to plunder the rich natural resources that rightfully belong to the Moro people. This will expedite the process started with the Marawi rehabilitation that only benefits foreign consortiums and select leaders. The BBL will allow this type of corrupt plunder’s expansion to the whole of the Bangsamoro region,” he added.

For Anakbayan, genuine peace in the region cannot be achieved so long as Duterte continues to dismiss Moro struggles as terrorism and refuses to solve the root causes of poverty.

“The Bangsamoro remains one of the country’s poorest regions, with income, poverty, education, and employment massively lagging behind other regions in the country. Yet, instead of genuinely addressing the issues affecting the Moro people – that of landlessness, poor education and healthcare, lack of decent jobs and living wages – the Duterte regime came up with a self-serving piece of legislation with a sham promise of just peace and rightful self-determination for the Moro,” Recedes insisted.

“In no way that the current BBL addresses the clamor of the Moro people for just and lasting peace in the Bangsamoro region and for their right to self-determination. As such, the Filipino youth stands with the Moro people as they continue their struggle to break away from the shackles of subjugation and exploitation. We call on Duterte to heed the call of Moro and Mindanaons to lift martial law and to genuinely uphold their rights and welfare – or else face the intensified revolutionary struggle of Moro, Mindanaoans, and the entire Filipino people against his tyrannical and fascist regime,” he said. []

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