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Government is top practitioner of ‘labor contracting’, not Jollibee, Dole, PLDT, says labor group

Bicol workers, militants on Labor Day rally. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO

By Joey Natividad

CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region –  “The Government of the Republic of the Philippines must be on the top list of job contracting or sub-contracting,” COURAGE, the organization of government workers, said. “This is contrary to President Duterte’s “end to labor contractualization” policy.”

The Labor Department has pointed to three private firms, Jollibee Foods Corp., DOLE Philippines, and PLDT Inc., as the top 3 on job contracting.

According to the Inventory of Government Human Resources of the Civil Service Commission as of 2016, the government has 720,000 non-regular employees who can be found in various government agencies.

420,000 of the non-regular workers mostly come from the 1,715 local government units, says Ferdinand Gaite of COURAGE.  

“There are more than 720,000 non-regular workers (called casuals, contractual, job orders, contract of service and others) out of the 2.3 million government employees,” Gaite yesterday informed

The  Department of Public Works and Highways (22,419), Department of Health (21,424), and the Department of Social Work and Development (20,890) are the top three violators of President Duterte’s “end to labor contractualization” policy.

Also at the top are the Quezon City Local Government (10, 249), Department of Agriculture (9,496), Department of Transportation (8,455), Department of Environment and Natural Resources (8,123) and the Department of Education (6,602). 

Just recently, the Department of Labor (DOLE) released the list of private firms of practicing job contracting, placing Jollibee Foods Corp. (14,960 contractuals), Dole Philippines. Inc. (10,521), and PLDT Inc. (8,390) at the top three.  []

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