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PLDT Union protests heating up; exposes outsourcing schemes

PLDT GUTS Union. Photo courtesy of Choy Arevalo

MANILA — The Gabay ng Unyon sa Telekomunikasyon ng mga Superbisor sa PLDT (GUTS) condemns the PLDT management’s move to outsource the IT department and other departments of the company. More than 300 employees, of which 250 are supervisors and 50 are rank and file employees, will be affected by the said corporate restructuring.

Since 2016 the PLDT management has been floating this scheme to condition the minds of the employees, but it was met by protests prompting the management to take a step back for a while. PLDT employees have conducted various activities such as red shirt and black shirt wearing, fora and seminars.

Earlier this year, the management held a meeting to enforce its decision to outsource the IT Department. Employees were threatened and forced to sign new contracts with the outsourcing company Amdocs. Letters from top bosses of PLDT were sent to each affected employee to sow fear and intimidate the employees. More than sixty (60) employees have already signed new contracts with Amdocs. They have only until April 2 to work as PLDT employees.

The motive behind this scheme is no other than profit. By removing hundreds of employees who have provided their services to the company for so many years, a return profit of seven billion pesos in five years was expected to fill the pockets not just of the top local bosses of PLDT but most especially big foreign monopolies that continue to dominate our telecommunications industry and other industries.

PLDT is among the top companies that implement neoliberal policies and massively contract out services to third party service providers, also known as contracting agencies.

Earlier this year, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has commanded PLDT to regularize more than 8,000 contractual workers following the former’s decision to junk the company’s appeal last 2017 to DOLE’s June 2017 decision regarding regularization of contractual workers. Instead of complying with the Department’s decision, the PLDT management has challenged it again and filed another appeal, not only to delay the execution of the decision but to outrightly get away with its responsibility as the principal employer of these thousands of workers.

The PLDT management is not only arrogant and cunning for ignoring and resisting DOLE’s decision concerning the 8,000 workers, but is also churlish and ungrateful to its employees who have rendered their skills and talent and have brought the company billions, even trillions, of profit for many years, for again outsourcing another deparment. The PLDT management treats its employees as dispensible and expendable objects after extracting huge amounts of profit. And again employees are being disposed off in order to extract more profits.

The PLDT employees, supervisors and rank and file alike; both regular and contractual, will continue to fight these schemes to the best of their might and power as main stakeholders of the company. The GUTS will be conducting more protests actions and activities in order to defeat these attacks and defend workers’ rights and welfare.

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