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Mayon experts believe ‘Big Bang Possible’

Photo by Drew Zuniga

By Elmer James Bandol

LEGAZPI CITY — A stronger eruption of Mayon Volcano termed by journalists as the “BIG BANG”, is possible, however, its current condition is not leading to that stage yet, resident volcanologist here, Ed Laguerta, said today.

At the press conference, Laguerta said: “For the moment no signs going toward it, but not discounting the possibility”.

Historic eruptions of this conical-shape volcano are used as throwback reference by scientists that could not predict exactly as to when the final eruption would occur due to some “changed behavior ” of its every eruptive period.

Old residents in Albay, like Jose Orense, shared instances or signs for Mayon’s BIG BANG that a strong quake and thunderous sounds are felt before the volcano finally unleash her fury.

The same observations were confirmed by Laguerta based on the 1814 and 1898 eruptions recorded. 

He mentioned parameters to be considered like “carbon dioxide as insoluble & sulfur dioxide as soluble to magma with high gas output, fracture and magma volume ascending at the surface are included the data gathered by geochemist & geologist to be consolidated and analyzed as one finding.

“More technical people to know what’s inside the volcano: the magma volume rising, fluids, gas, kind of rocks and seismic activities plus the pressure inside may change its condition”, Laguerta added.

Alert level 5 is poised to be raised until such eruptive period of the volcano is “sustained”, meaning the occurring events are of longer duration and frequent, Alanis explained. []

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