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Problems in Cam Sur small town lottery; bets collectors strike shaping up

By Joey Natividad

TIGAON, Camarines Sur – Slow down of bet collection in Small Town Lottery (STL) in this town is shaping up several bet collectors and their “cabo” are planning to boycott bet gathering.

The reason is that very few are winning after the operator had jacked up the playing numbers 1-38 to 1-40.

The additional numbers 49 and 40 have cut down the probability of winning into slimmer chances.

Only the operator is winning, bettors say.

The prize money of P350 per P1, is not increased, in relation to additional numbers 39 and 40.

Yesterday, Tuesday morning of January 16, nobody won when the numbers 39-2 came-up, prompting bettors to speculate the draw is being rigged by the operator.

That afternoon and evening of Tuesday, very few collect bets, while others boycotted, but protesters need few days of unity among their ranks to stage an effective boycott.

The numbers 39 and 40 are coming out frequently in the draw, bettors say.

On top of this, STL  in Camarines Sur has become controversial when several towns reported Evenchance Gaming Corporation, a franchise of STL in Cam Sur, failed to remit to LGUs their shares.

Dissatisfaction among bet collectors and their ‘cabos’ are already evident, but they still lack the critical mass of unity to stage an effective strike.

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