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Anecdote behind ‘Andurog’: How Human Rights Desk came to be in Legazpi City

Photo by Elmer James Bandol

By Elmer James Bandol

LEGAZPI CITY — Bishop Joel Z. Baylon has refreshed the existence of “ANDUROG SA DERECHOS” to rekindle the spirit behind its creation by way of an anecdote, the prelate narrated before the convergence of multi-sectoral attendees held at the Chancery here.

At the farm, cow, pig and chicken were neared by the mouse seeking for help, believing that it’s life is in danger due to a mouse trap installed inside the farm house.

“There’s a trap inside the house, there’s a trap inside the farm house!!!”, the jittery rat told the grazing cow.”I eat grass not cheese, I don’t care about that trap your saying! Mooh, mooh!”,answered the cow.

The mouse proceeded to the pig nearby and announced the same: “There’s a trap inside the house, there’s a trap inside the house!!!”. The pig replied: “Oink, oink..”I don’t go to the farm house, my food is delivered to me door to door, I don’t have problem about what you’re saying”, said the pig.

To the chicken, the mouse ran next to share the same fear, however, this is the answer: “Kutat, kutat! , I enjoy…I lay eggs…Why should go against the will of our boss!”
One evening, the sound of the closing trap was heared. “Plak! “.

It was discovered that a snake was trapped inside. The farmer’s wife was bitten by the snake in an attempt to get the mouse trap. This started the problem. The farmer’s wife was brought to a quack doctor who advised that the snake-bitten victim must drink the hot soup of broiled chicken as antidote for venom. The farmer heeded, but later his wife became seriously ill, nescessary to hospitalize her. For in need of money, the farmer sold the pig. Unfortunately, the wife died!

The wake went long, many came to attend & expressed condolences, so the farmer decided to butcher the cow. The mouse that informed the cow, pig & chicken about the impending danger, is very much alive behind everything that transpired. “I TOLD THEM SO”, still lingering in mouse’s mind.

To be complacent behind surrounding issues and problems, time for darkness will come, all will perish!.

“No matter how small we can do, but we can start doing it” Bishop Baylon concluded.

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