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Youth group denounces arrest of PISTON leader George San Mateo

George San Mateo. Photo from Facebook

MANILA — Youth group Anakbayan strongly condemns the arrest of transport leader George San Mateo today, December 5, amid the intensifying fascist attacks of the US-Duterte regime and its crackdown on progressive groups.

The arrest and filing of baseless charges against San Mateo is the epitome of Duterte’s authoritarian rule that ready to crush popular dissent against his anti-people programs and policies.

In retrospect, transport group PISTON headed by San Mateo has launched several successful nationwide transport strikes to protest the phaseout of jeepneys and corporatization of the jeepney transport in the guise of modernization that only favors big businesses and disregards the welfare of the riding public.

His arrest is a clear effort to silence the growing mass movement against the privatization of a vital social service and to intimidate all other sectors staunchly fighting for their democratic interests.

Anakbayan calls for the immediate release of San Mateo and enjoins the Filipino youth to take part in mass actions on December 7 and 10 against the US-Duterte fascist dictatorship.

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