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A Call for Lawyers


Being in prison enables one to witness the microcosm of Philippine society where “Lord of the Flies” culture is prevalent. But one thing is common among prisoners – they all profess innocence of crimes committed.

I am in no position to judge them.

A more pressing cause of concern is how to fast-track the resolution of their cases. Petty crimes, cases involving minors, senior citizens, persons with disabilities (PWDs), mothers and their children should have speedy trials in order for those concerned to be beneficial to society and/or enjoy the remaining years of their life.

A modest suggestion for faster resolution of cases is for all the country’s lawyers and I mean ALL, including corporate lawyers, to take a pro-bono case once a year. Imagine the number of cases that can be solved which is equivalent to hundreds of thousands. A big reduction indeed! A sure way to decongest our overcrowded jails.

But it will come with additional structures for courts and additional appointment of judges.

I call on all progressives and humanist members of the Supreme Court and lawmakers of both houses of Congress to further study the speedy trial of easily resolved cases.

As for those victims who can’t afford bail because of poverty, community service can be an option.

A timely call for lawyers to serve the people for justice for all!

Jeremy Ang
Political Detainee
Camp Crame, Cubao, Quezon City

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