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CARMMA group to oppose Marcoses’ back-to-power ‘second coming’, as produced by Duterte

MANILA – A year after dictator Ferdinand Marcos was buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, the Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacanang (CARMMA) called for greater vigilance in the continuing rehabilitation for back-to-power of the Marcoses sponsored by the Duterte administration.

“It is most condemnable that the Marcoses and their cohorts waste no time in completing the rehabilitation of the world-class plunderer and human rights violator.  Marcos is entombed in LNMB, his family are in government positions, their ill-gotten wealth securely in their keeping. The dictator’s face is glorified on stamps, while justice continues to elude the victims of the Marcos dictatorship. And all this has happened courtesy of the Marcos copycat Duterte,” said Bonifacio Ilagan, CARMMA spokesperson.

“It is salt to our injuries everyday in the face of this travesty. The people’s verdict against dictator and tyrant has been trampled upon and reversed by the Marcoses and their cohorts in power. But we shall push on with the struggle for justice and uphold history as it happened. We shall not be cowed,” said Ilagan.

CARMMA declared that the fight will be relentless even as the kin of dictator Marcos, led by Bongbong Marcos, remain bent on returning to power.

“The Marcos son remains hopeful to win over his vice-presidential protest last elections. There seems to be no stopping him in inching his way to Malacanang. Bongbong is shamelessly following the footsteps of his father and trying to realize the dream of his mother. Vigilance is what is asked of all of us,” said Ilagan.

”The Marcoses, with Duterte as their most reliable patron, are not stopping at historical revisionism and political rehabilitation. They are doing this, not simply to save their faces, but because they remain as what they always have been — tyrants and plunderers,” said Ilagan.

As to Duterte, CARMMA said, “ Duterte has no other resort but to as tyrannical as Marcos, after failing to fulfill his promised change to the Filipino people,” said Ilagan. []

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